Good Morning, RVA: Humid heat continues

That’s right, I’m complaining about the humidity in May. What of it?

Good morning, RVA! It’s 68 °F, and the humid heat continues. This afternoon brings with it highs in the 90s, a nontrivial chance of isolated thunderstorms, and the possibility of sweating through your undershirt.

Water cooler

City Council meets tonight to at 6:00 PM and could decide the fate of the mayor’s Shockoe stadium plan. Last Friday Councilmen Baliles and Samuels issued a release announcing they would join three other councilpeople in voting against the plan, giving ballpark opponents a 5-9 majority. Mayor Jones has requested Council delay the vote. Follow #rvacouncil on Twitter tonight for what should be a doozy of a meeting (63 agenda items (PDF)). Hold on to your butts!

Richmond Public School superintendent wants to replace some of the city’s aging schools buses, which one elementary schools student describes as “rusted old.”

The Flying Squirrels gave up a season-high 13 runs in a loss to the Trenton Thunder yesterday. The Squirrels are 24-24 on the season, and hold third place in the division. They’ll continue their eternal quest to have funn and go nutz tonight at 6:35 PM against Altoona.

This morning’s longread

The Surprising Need for Male Intimacy

In fact, for most men, their sole touchstone for emotional intimacy is their romantic partner. They become the only person with whom we can really “be ourselves”, the sole source of our emotional support… which actually puts a huge strain on the relationship. In fact, men are discouraged from seeking emotional intimacy outside of their relationship; many people feel as though this were a potential threat to their romantic bond. And to be sure: to an outside observer (or a significant other, for that matter) many platonic male-female relationships can seem like an intensely romantic connection, even when they’re nothing of the sort.

Photos by: Will Weaver

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