Good Morning, RVA: Hot and wonderful

Beautiful summertime weather descends on Richmond, ice sculptures beware!

Photo by: sandy’s dad

Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F–grab your shades and flip-flops, because today’s gonna be sunny and hot. High in the low-90s should get you ready for some serious-business, mid-90s summertime action later this week.

Water cooler

The SBE has all the result you need from last night’s sweet, sweet electoral action. With the primaries now over, we’re officially ready for this November’s elections, which is when we’re really ready for next November’s Big Election™.

Oh snap! The Sons of Confederate Veterans called the VMFA’s bluff over this whole lease / use agreement thing, but it turns out the VMFA was aces high! I…do not understand how to use poker metaphors? By failing to accept the use agreement offered by the museum on June 8th, the SCV “no longer have a key to open the building.” Dang, that’s some Stone Cold Steve Austin! I don’t know anything about wrestling either!

Yesterday, the Virginia Supreme Court threw Sweet Briar College a lifeline in their ongoing legal battle to stave off closing, ruling that the college can be considered a trust. You can read Saving Sweet Briar’s official statement here.

Got a thing you want to protest but feel like gathering an energetic group of like-minded folks with tons of free time on their hands is just too much work? Just hire some folks off of Craigslist! That’s what this guy did.

The new Style Weekly dropped today and with it this back page story about Gilpin Court’s heat island effect. That neighborhood is home to some of the strangest concrete-encrusted landscape architecture I’ve ever seen. I’d love to know the history behind how it got that way–if you know, drop me a link!

An update to that crazy video of a Texas police officer pulling his gun on unarmed kids at a pool party: he’s resigned.


  • Squirrels opened their home series against Portland with a 4-3 win last night. They’ll continue tonight at 6:35 PM. Get your tickets!
  • Kickers head south to take on the Charleston Battery tonight at 7:30 PM. Last meeting between the the two teams back in the beginning of May ended in a 2-2 draw.
  • Nats fell to the Yankees 1-6, look for answers today at 1:05 PM.

What to expect

  • Gasp! A KonMari follow up!
  • Five things to do this first weekend of summer vacation
  • A grand tour of the kits of the Women’s World Cup
  • The Culture Xpo returns!

This morning’s longread

Your Dick Pics Are About to Be All Over the Internet

But this is not an argument in favor of sexting; it is an argument against shame. Fortunately, that shame may solve itself–because we are all about to get naked on the Internet. Even discounting sexts, nude images of ordinary people will soon be ubiquitous. There are just so many naked pictures of you to choose from.

There are the ones that we’re starting to see already: images from webcams and home-security cameras that are either hacked or inadvertently broadcast to the net. There are illicit ones from the doctor’s office. There are the ones from the TSA scanner. There are cameras everywhere.

Minus the clearly clickbaity headline, this is a thing I’ve been saying for awhile now!

This morning’s Instagram

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