Good Morning, RVA: History and violence

Heat, humidity, thunderstorms, violence, and history.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 60 °F, and today’s looking pretty hot and humid. Highs will creep into the upper 80s, while thunderstorms could spring up throughout the afternoon.

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Yesterday at 6:25 PM, Richmond Police reported a homicide, the city’s 20th, on the 4000 block of Midlothian Turnpike. This murder is the Southside’s 13th of the year; at this point in 2013 Richmond, as a whole, had tallied 13 murders.

At 11:00 AM today the mayor will hold a press conference to “address recent incidents of crimes involving children.”

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of a Cold Harbor, Robert E. Lee’s last victory of the Civil War. Cold Harbor lies just outside the city in Hanover County and is part of the National Battlefield Park (and would make a great field trip one day this summer).

The Virginia Flaggers have unfortunately decided to erect yet another Confederate Battle Flag off of I-95–this one near Stafford. I guess I’m glad we don’t have another one of these things marring the trip into Richmond, but sucks for Stafford. We feel your pain, guys!

The RTD has a nice look back at Richmond through the years–surprisingly it lacks any of the get-off-my-lawn or kids-these-days tone I would have expected!

This morning’s longread

50 Cent Is My Life Coach


I’d come to hold up a mirror, get 50 Cent to talk about himself, his dreams, his fears, his regrets. Except here he was–enthusiastically inquiring about my dreams, my fears, my regrets–holding up the mirror first. He did it without irony or skepticism–it wasn’t a joke to him, even if it sort of was to me. That was lesson one.

Photo by: tlindenbaum

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