Good Morning, RVA: Have a great weekend!

Good weather today, crap weather the rest of the weekend.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 37 °F, and today’s temperatures will struggle their way into the mid-60s but will get a helping and warming hand from plenty of sunshine. The rest of the weekend: colder and rainier.

Bike to Work Alert! The cooler temperatures and copious amounts of sun make today a perfect day to try your hand (and feet) at biking to work!

Water cooler

It’s NASCAR weekend, y’all, and that means a few things! First, traffic on the Northside (mostly along Laburnum) tonight and tomorrow night will be weird, and you should plan accordingly. Second, downtown may be a little crazy with the thousands of extra folks flooding into our extremely limited number of hotels. Third, driver Joey Gase (who is just 22!?) will be driving the #32 Donate Life Virginia car–which should remind you that April is National Donate Life month and that you can sign up to be an organ donor right here, right now. See, it’s not all about go fast turn left.

Ha! Speak of hotel occupancy and an article about hotel occupancy doth come!

Would you like to learn many things about the very interesting history of Barton Heights? If yes, click the following link and be whisked away to Harry Kollatz Jr.’s piece entitled, “The View from Here.” If no, click this link to the way less interesting wiki about corrugated cardboard (just kidding, still pretty interesting!).

First Blue Bell, now Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream issues a voluntary product recall after listeria was found in a randomly collected sample in Nebraska. Will we ever again eat ice cream? Just kidding, I will never stop eating ice cream.

Check out this pretty rad / depressing visualization of just how polarized congress is and how that’s not always been the case.


  • Kickers take on FC Montreal this Saturday at 2:30 PM. You can stream the game on YouTube.
  • Squirrels extend their losing streak to seven, will host New Britain tonight at 7:05 PM.
  • Whoa Caps, whoa! With a crushing 5-1 victory over the Islanders last night, Washington is now just one game out from advancing to the next round of the Stanley Cup. Tomorrow’s game, a must-win for the evil Islanders, is in New York at 3:00 PM. If the Caps lose, the final games of the series will take place on Monday in Washington. Gotta like that!
  • Nats fell to the Cardinals, they’ll start a series with the Marlins today at 7:05 PM.
  • Wizards play in game three of their series with the Raptors tonight at 8:00 PM.

What to expect

Today you will read:

  • The final entry in our four-year Civil War project
  • Learnings on Arbor Day
  • A stunning amount of local beer news
  • About 4th amendment phones

This morning’s longread

Justine Musk’s answer to How can I be as great as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Richard Branson?

It helps to have superhuman energy and stamina. If you are not blessed with godlike genetics, then make it a point to get into the best shape possible. There will be jet lag, mental fatigue, bouts of hard partying, loneliness, pointless meetings, major setbacks, family drama, issues with the Significant Other you rarely see, dark nights of the soul, people who bore and annoy you, little sleep, less sleep than that. Keep your body sharp to keep your mind sharp. It pays off.

Learn to handle a level of stress that would break most people.

By the way, she closes with: “[Great people] are unlikely to be reading stuff like this.”

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