Good Morning, RVA: Happy Easter!

It’s Good Friday! Some of you have a long weekend, some of you do not.

Good morning, RVA! It’s nearly 40 °F, and today’s temperatures so badly want to break 60 °F. They might, they might not, it’s gonna be that kind of day. Other than the irritating and slightly too-cold temps, today looks pretty OK with things clouding up as the day wears on.

This weekend brings warmer temperatures and a slight chance of rain on Saturday. You couldn’t ask for better Easter on Parade weather on Sunday.

Water cooler

MPW over at the RTD has an editorial up this morning about allowing firearms at city council meetings. He also muses about the (lack of) media credentialing: “In an era in which bloggers with cameras and laptops can claim turf in the Fourth Estate, what criteria exist to weed out watchdogs from hot dogs? The city is on shaky grounds in removing Dorsey from the meeting.”

A group of Washington & Lee students, who ominously refer to themselves as The Committee, has petitioned the university to remove the Confederate flags from campus and “repudiate” school namesake Robert E. Lee.

Sunday is Easter, which means today is Good Friday, which means some governmental-type institutions are closed. It also means that Easter on Parade, Richmond’s premiere place to meet and watch dogs wearing tiny hats, takes place on Sunday. The party kicks off at 1:00 PM on Monument Avenue between Allen and Davis.

If you’re looking for things to do, we’ve got ten of ’em–five regular-type and five family-type. You can also stop by our events calendar.

This morning’s longread

The private lives of public bathrooms

The Atlantic has a 4,500 word article about, among other things, pee anxieties.

A famous, though ethically questionable, study from 1976 found that invading this socially agreed-upon bubble of personal space made it much more difficult for men to pee. To discover this, one researcher hid in a bathroom stall and watched men at the urinals through a periscope, timing the “delay and persistence” of urination when a confederate came into the bathroom and stood right next to or one urinal removed from the unknowing participant. The closer the confederate was, the longer the delay before the man was able to go, and the less time he peed overall. Whether he would have been able to go at all had he known someone was spying on him through a periscope, no one can say.

Photo by: praktyczny.przewodnik

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