Good Morning, RVA: Gray skies

Nothing but Gray skies, do I see.

Photo by: Gorupka

Good morning, RVA! It’s 75 °F, and you should prepare yourself for rain. You should prepare yourself for rain this morning, this afternoon, and this evening. Then keep on preparing straight through the weekend.

July 4th Weather Watch Outlook: Don’t get your hopes up.

Water cooler

Here’s a short anonymous editorial in the RTD that supports gay marriage, condemns the Confederate flag, and praises George Allen for shifting his views on both. Can you imagine telling your ten-years-ago self that such a piece exists? Does your ten-years-ago self still do spit takes? We’re living in a wild and crazy time, y’all!

I think this piece in Style Weekly about hotel bookings leading up to the Big Bike Race™ is the first I’ve read that includes a reasonable estimate of the number of visitors we can expect. Remember: it’s not 450,000 people. Don’t freak out.

Also from Style, an update on the Black History Museum, which I am very excited about.

Today’s best headline, from WRIC: “Expert: Shark attacks ‘won’t go on all summer’“. Oh. OK. Dear Expert, that…is not super reassuring.

Here’s the perfect sign that we’re headed into a deep holiday weekend and we’ve all pretty much given up: the Internet really, really cared about this NYT recipe for guacamole with peas. The number of reaction pieces is stunning! People asked the president about it! Did they even ask him about The Dress?


  • Squirrels lost a close one against Harrisburg, 5-6. They play again tonight at 7:00 PM and tomorrow before returning home on Saturday.
  • Nats lost to the Braves 1-4. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with the correction to yesterday’s flip-flopped Nat’s score–they delivered the beatdown, not received it. Now I can’t help but feel partially responsibly, in a weird jinxy way, for last night’s loss. Sorry, you guys!
  • Japan beat England in the Women’s World Cup last night, setting up a rematch of the 2011 World Cup on Sunday. If you’re into schadenfreude, watch the own goal that sunk England. Auuuugh.

What to expect

It’s Thursday! Food News, 5 Things, New Restaurants!

This morning’s longread

On Edgar Allan Poe

Hey! We know this guy!

It seems to have been true of Poe that no one could look at him without seeing more than they would wish or he could tolerate. His clothing was always neat and genteel and very shabby. His manner was gracious and refined and notoriously pathetic or outrageous if he happened to have been drinking. He was always too desperate for money to be tactful in his solicitations of acquaintances, being the sole support of a beloved and tubercular wife, a cousin he had married when she was not quite fourteen. He was a popular writer and a very successful editor, and always meagerly paid. The gentility that was his entrée and his armor was of a Southern kind, not much appreciated by the New Englanders who dominated literary life. And the Virginia family among whom he had acquired the manners and tastes of refinement had disowned him without a dime.

This morning’s Instagram

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