Good Morning, RVA: Gotta get down on Friday

This weekend’s weather should make for some excellent getting down on Saturday and Sunday as well.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 27 °F, but highs near 50 °F this afternoon sound pretty nice. For continued niceness, just wait until Saturday and Sunday when we could see temperatures in the upper-60s! Definitely plan to spend some time outside moving your body through physical space.

Water cooler

This past Monday, Richmond saw its 8th homicide in 2016–3-year-old Latrice Walden. A suspect was arrested and charged with felony child neglect this week.

There are many boards, commissions, and committees that exist within the city government. The folks serving on these are often the ones doing the heavy lifting on all sorts of city-related issues before those issues make their way in front of City Council. The Public Art Commission has a vacancy they’re looking to fill, and maybe you should apply! This would be a way for you–fan of public and visual art–to get involved and have an impact on things like murals, statues, and Very Important Trees.

Blue Bee Cider announced a while back that they would move to Scott’s “Blotto” Addition and bring their delicious cider with them from across the river. This week ol’ Governor McAuliffe awarded the urban cider makers a $50,000 state grant and the city matched that with a $100,000 grant of their own–because making cider ain’t free, y’all.

Oh hey, look, Rick Tatnall is officially running for mayor. You’re probably most familiar with Tatnall from his work with the Sugar Pad, but he has run for mayor before.

Annnnnd RVANews Live: Fascinating People 2016 is sold out! Turns out that all those times we were like, “Better get your tickets now, they’re going fast!,” were not marketing speak after all. If you missed out, you can read about each and every fascinating person right here while also feeling very, very sad.

Are you one of the folks buzzing drones about, taking beautiful aerial photos of Richmond? If so, and if your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs, you gotta register that thing! The FAA’s deadline is today and registration costs $5.

Is Ted Cruz eligible to be the president since he was born in Canada? Probably, but the discussion around that question is really interesting. It’s a question Cruz is probably bummed we’re talking about the day before the Republican primaries in South Carolina and Democratic caucuses in Nevada.


WRIC has the story of Torey Burston’s gold shoes. Just more evidence supporting the theory that that guy is the best.

  • Rams and Spiders face off in the Capital City Classic tonight at 7:00 PM on ESPN2. The Rams picked up an OT win back on January 16th in the Robins Center, and now the Spiders will try to return the favor.
  • Hokies try to stop a 2-game skid when they host Florida State Saturday at 3:00 PM. Watch on the ACC Network.

This morning’s longread

Alice Gregory on Finding a Uniform

Yep, I’m linking to this thing on J. Crew’s website.

If you too are a person for whom the idea of expressing yourself through clothes feels embarrassing or even just inefficient, then I recommend you find a uniform of your own. There will be some inevitable missteps, but the end result will be worth the effort. Think of it as shopping so you’ll never have to shop again.

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