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A perfect day for some computer science!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 41 °F, and looks like you can expect another sunny and dry day in Richmond. Today’s the coolest day of the week, with highs in the mid-50s–the extremely unreliable extended forecast has us approaching 70 °F by Sunday!

Water cooler

It’s Computer Science Education Week! A true and worthy initiative if there ever was one, and while it’s focused on kids, I say it’s never to late to pick up some computer science skills. Here’s what I’d recommend for anyone who deals with words as their day-to-day: learn regular expressions. It’s like Find & Replace but directed by Michael Bay.

Speaking of kids learning to code, did you know there’s a new regional computer-science-focused high school opening up next fall? Louis Llovio at the RTD totally did and would love to tell you about it. It sure seems like a lot of work to get an entirely new high school off the ground in less than a year–I wish them much luck!

Remember: The Planning Commission meets today to discuss closing Brook Road between Broad and Adams–which is just a couple dozen feet of street. This will create the urban plaza that will then later be used for a new Maggie Walker statue. Theoretically, this is the first step towards cutting down the live oak which lives in a tiny concrete island nearby, but in reality ordinance 2015-251 (PDF) deals exclusively with closing the street, nothing else.

This is more of a Friday link than a Monday link–or maybe it’s an especially Monday link! Anyway, in Style Weekly, Hilary Langford has a comprehensive list of local winter beers to try.

And since it is Monday, you’ll need to read Tina Griego’s Sunday column about fairies and geese. To be honest, the geese freak me out.

Here’s the Vox recap of Obama’s Oval Office speech on terrorism. Or you can watch the 13 minute video directly, right here.

The New York Times ran an editorial about gun control on their front page for the first time for any editorial since 1920 (that one was about the nomination of Warren Harding (PDF)).

Related to front pages: Today is the 74th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and here are a bunch of newspaper front pages covering that day.


  • Rams let another close game slip away against a Power 5 opponent, losing 71-76 to Florida State.
  • Spiders crushed William & Mary in the playoffs, 48-13. They advance to take on Illinois State at 7:30 PM, which you can watch on ESPN3.
  • Spiders (roundball) beat Northern Iowa 82-67.
  • Hokies will face Tulsa in the Independence Bowl on December 26th at 5:45 PM.
  • Hokies (roundball) picked up a dominating win against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 80-45.
  • Wahoos handled William & Mary, 67-52.
  • Washington takes on Dallas tonight at 8:30 PM, hoping to maintain their claim on 1st in the NFC East.

This morning’s longread

Terry Gross and the Art of Opening Up

Over the years, Gross has done some 13,000 interviews, and the sheer range of people she has spoken to, coupled with her intelligence and empathy, has given her the status of national interviewer. Think of it as a symbolic role, like the poet laureate — someone whose job it is to ask the questions, with a degree of art and honor. Barbara Walters was once our national interviewer, in a flashier style defined by a desire for spectacle. Gross is an interviewer defined by a longing for intimacy. In a culture in which we are all talking about ourselves more than ever, Gross is not only listening intently; she’s asking just the right questions.

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