Good Morning, RVA: Got opinions?

Lots to have opinions on today: BRT, baseball, a new grocery store(!). Share those opinions with kindness and grace—or as an internet comment!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 46 °F, and today’s highs are likely to hit 70 °F!? Too bad you’ll be too busy stuck inside avoiding thunderstorms for most of the day to get out and take advantage of those summery temperatures.

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This is your mid-week reminder that City Council will vote on the development agreement for Richmond’s Bus Rapid Transit project (basically its final hurdle before construction) this coming Monday. If you have thoughts, feelings, or opinions on BRT now is the time to express them directly to your councilperson! If you’re all like, “Wait, what’s a BRT?,” may I direct you to our BRT FAQ section where you can learn all about where it’ll go, who pays for it, and why it’s a super important investment in our city’s public transportation system.

Governor McAullife also weighed in on BRT this week, saying if City Council delays voting on the project he’ll take the dang Federal money ($25 million) and give it right back to the government! Winning the federal TIGER grant to build the BRT was a Big Freaking Deal™. To work towards a project like this for years and years and year (for longer than a literal decade) only to change our minds at the last second would be super embarrassing and sad.

Want to have more opinions on Richmond’s big development projects? Fill out this survey about the future of The Diamond and Boulevard redevelopment. Want to share those opinions with other humans instead of the cold, unfeeling textboxes of an internet survey? Walk yourself down to one of the two public meetings taking place over the next couple of weeks and say your opinions aloud to a room full of real people!

Jeff Schapiro writes this long, slightly sarcastic profile of State Senator Norment, which opens with an entire paragraph basically describing the latter’s Napoleon complex. How many articles will the RTD publish punishing Norment for banishing reporters (who have now been de-banished) to the second-floor gallery? Hell hath no fury like a General Assembly reporter scorned!

Click this link for grocery story news.

This is a terribly sad story in Style Weekly about the death of a homeless man. He froze to death just a block from Monroe Park. I’m having a really hard time wrapping my head around the fact that a person died from exposure directly in the center of a massive public university.


  • Rams visit LaSalle at 7:00 PM in a game that is not televised.
  • Spiders host Mason tonight at 7:00 PM on CBS 6.3.
  • #9 Wahoos head to Boston College tonight at 7:00 PM.
  • Hokies lost their fifth in a row, a game they should have won, to Syracuse in overtime.

This morning’s longread

How to Win at Monopoly and Lose All Your Friends

Monopoly sucks!

I like board games, and I play them frequently. When the original Landlord’s Game was developed, it was certainly fresh and innovative. However, 110+ years of advancement in the field of game design has produced games that are far superior, packing more strategy, nuance, and fun into a fraction of the play time. Monopoly is, by comparison, a long, boring, unpleasant slog. On the now-rare occasions that people insist I join a game of Monopoly, I play in a way that ensures not only that I’ll win, but that they’ll be more open to my suggestions for other games in the future

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