Good Morning, RVA: Gonna make you sweat

We’ve got a couple of days before USA’s next World Cup match, so it’s back to complaining about the humidity for me.

Good morning, RVA! It’s already 73 °F out there, and it’s only getting hotter. Highs will approach the 90s yet again, and the sun will glare down on us from its celestial chariot for the entire day. It’ll also be pretty humid.

Water cooler

Tonight is the last Friday Cheers of 2014, can you believe it? Head down to the big island–what I’m calling Brown’s Island from here on out despite it being maybe the smallest island we have–and see Neko Case and Laura Veirs for just $10.

Scoot on over to Quirk Gallery this Saturday for an outdoor double feature of both Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Seven Year Itch. Just two amazing movies with your pals for zero bucks, is all!

(Also on Saturday, Gull plays Strange Matter. If you’ve never seen this masked, one-man band, now’s your chance.)

A rising sophomore at the University of Richmond was found shot to death in a car in New Jersey.

Ukraine has signed “a pact” binding them closer to the European Union. First, this sounds vaguely vampire-related, and second, this move is “strongly opposed by Russia” and, presumably, the pro-Russian rebels–a cease fire with whom ends today.

In addition to rulings on phone searches and internet TV, the Supreme Court ruled against protest “buffer zones” around facilities that provide abortions. The SCOTUS blog has some broader thoughts on the opinion.

If you’re stressed about the sparsity of your social calendar this weekend, look for solutions here, here, or here.


  • Squirrels have won seven straight and host Bowie tonight in a double header that begins at 6:15 PM. Buy ticket online, and prepare to have funn for many, many hours.
  • Kickers return to action tonight against Charleston Battery at 7:30 PM.
  • Nats fell to the Cubs, 3-5, and look for revenge today at 4:05 PM.

World Cup

Well, we did it (kind of). The right combinations of outcomes happened, and Team USA advances to the Round of 16. This is just the third time since 1990 (seven World Cups) that the USMNT has advanced. They’ll face Belgium on Tuesday at 4:00 PM in a single elimination matchup.

There are no World Cup games today, and the Round of 16 begins tomorrow with Brazil vs. Chile at 12:00 PM on ABC.

This morning’s longread

Don’t Say Goodbye

Myself, I prefer to catch someone’s eye and offer them the head nod and single-hand raise before leaving a party.

But who among us enjoys saying goodbye? None among us! Not those leaving, and not those left behind.

Goodbyes are, by their very nature, at least a mild bummer. They represent the waning of an evening or event. By the time we get to them, we’re often tired, drunk, or both. The short-timer just wants to go home to bed, while the night owl would prefer not to acknowledge the growing lateness of the hour.

Photo by: 1eyephotography

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