Good Morning, RVA: Go outside!

It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 60 °F, and the amazingly perfect weather continues. Highs near 80 °F with no chance of rain mean bike rides, patio beers, and river walks. Squeeze every last drop out of these pleasant days into a jar that you can open in the middle of cold, dead, gray winter (which is just around the corner).

Water cooler

The massive Stone Brewing Co. fermentation tanks have arrived in Richmond! By barge! Like they would have two centuries ago! Although, folks living in Richmond two centuries ago probably would have questioned the need to make that much beer all at once. To which I would tell them that this is what progress looks like and that they should mind their dang olde timey business. Ned Oliver at the RTD talks to the project manager and gets an estimated first-brew date out of him.

Susan Howson wrote this wonderful piece about what it is they actually do down at the Library of Virginia, and how they can help you find out about your nosy ancestors who probably would have had a problem with how much beer we’re making in town.

The department of Public Works announced that they’d begin converting the horribly unsafe traffic circle at the Robert E. Lee monument into a true roundabout this Friday. Fantastic news, because this intersection makes no sense. Why can cars in the outside lane continue around the circle while cars on the inside lane can simultaneously exit?! I’ll probably write some more on what this all means after I dig up some of the project PDFs.

103.7, like, the radio station, started playing Christmas music yesterday as a hilarious joke. I missed this because the only radio I own is in a car, which makes me seriously wonder if an increase in alternate modes of transportation is a concern for the radio industry?

You’ve got exactly one day remaining until the start of the Richmond Folk Festival! Figure out what you need to see when.

Democrats in Congress are trying to at least force a vote on some gun control measures. The New York Times is realistically pessimistic about the bill’s chances in any part of our legislative process. Meanwhile, People magazine put together a list of all 535 members of Congress’s email, phone number, and Twitter accounts.

This morning’s longread

The Small-Town Lottery That Went Viral

Inverness is a fishing village with a reach of a mile or so of coastal highway in Nova Scotia, Canada. A year ago, local organizers started a lottery, “Chase the Ace,” to raise funds for a small community center. The lottery was a raffle-and-cards hybrid in which the grand prize rolled over every week until a lotto winner picked the ace of spades from the deck. When the contest began, last October, the jackpot was around two hundred dollars, so the organizers kicked in some extra cash to sweeten the deal. This coming Saturday, the jackpot will be at least $1.2 million. “When it reached fifty-nine thousand dollars we thought we were really in the money, but then summer hit and people started flooding in,” says Cameron MacQuarrie, chairman of the “Chase the Ace” contest committee. “We didn’t imagine this. I’d be lying if I said this was a grand plan.”

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