Good Morning, RVA: Gloomathon

The gloomy weather continues for the next forever.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F, and the doom and gloom continues. You can expect a good chance of rain from the moment you wake up today until the moment you fall asleep tomorrow. Maybe you’ll see the sun again on Thursday, maybe it’s gone forever. There’s no real way of knowing.

Bring a coat, for the high today is only 64 °F.

Water cooler

The RTD has recap up of yesterday’s student walkout. Students, mostly from Open High, marched on city hall in protest of terrible conditions at some of Richmond’s public schools. There they were met by the mayor who told them: “‘I am not in charge of schools,’ he said.’City Council is not in charge of schools. The School Board is in charge of schools. They have to make their needs known.'”

Richmond police are reporting the city’s 14th homicide, the fifth in April: “At approximately 1:19 AM today, officers received a call for a shooting in the 2800 block of Montecrest Avenue. Officers were on scene within two minutes and found two adult males who had been shot. One victim was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The second victim died at the scene.”

Two bits of VCU basketball news this morning. First, Coach Smart announced that Jairus Lyles will transfer. Second, VCU will introduce former Stony Brook coach Beth O’Boyle as their new women’s basketball coach today.

Locally-based CarMax has severed their sponsorship of the LA Clippers.

This is your second warning that a three-day bicycle race comes to town this Friday through Sunday. Streets will close starting at 7:00 PM on Thursday. If you work downtown, your Friday will probably look a little different than usual. Plan accordingly!

This morning’s longread

Gerry Conway: The ComiXology outrage

This week Amazon removed the ability for iOS users to purchase comics through the once-independent, now-Amazon-owned ComiXology app. Here’s Gerry Conway, co-creator of The Punisher, on why that’s a huge deal.

Amazon did this. It did it for one reason, and one reason only: to advance their proprietary hardware platform, the Kindle, at the expense of Apple’s platform, the iPad and iPhone. They have deliberately degraded the iPad and iPhone Comixology app so that users of the Kindle will have a better reading and purchasing experience. That’s all this is about. They’ve destroyed the future of digital comics to give an advantage to their hardware platform — and, in passing, to leverage their control of digital comics distribution to do to comic book stores what they’ve already done to brick-and-mortar book stores.

Photo by: Exothermic

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