Good Morning, RVA: Get outside!

A great day to be powered by earth’s yellow sun.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 54 °F, and ALERT: Today we will experience highs in the 80s! If ever there was a time to wear a tank top or take your happy hour outside, that time is now. It is your duty.

Water cooler

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the bus–BRT MEETINGS ARE BACK! Over the next couple of days, the folks behind the Richmond Regional Transit Vision Plan (which is, like, all the municipal and transportationy folks in the region) will host three meetings to hone the vision for regional transit. Want BRT to extend to Short Pump? Like to see the next BRT line head out Route 1? Then these meetings are for you–the first of which is tonight. More details on the RVA Rapid Transit website. We’re gonna need a bigger bus.

Also on the transit tip, the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors will vote today on ending GRTC 81 Express Route service due to “low ridership and high associated cost.” Markus Schmidt at the RTD details out some of those ridership and cost numbers. Can someone remind me why Chesterfield County owns part of GRTC again?

There’s a big partisan blah-dee-blah going on in the General Assembly over the appointment of a Virginia Supreme Court justice–with the twist being former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now a nominee. You can read this in-depth op-ed by Jeff Schapiro, or you can just copy paste all the details you know about the big partisan blah-dee-blah going on in Congress over the appointment of a United States Supreme Court justice.

Style Weekly reports that the Governor supports Dominion’s current coal ash plan. I wanted to write a biting sentence about how much money Dominion had contributed to the governor, but, man, campaign finance is complicated. Instead, here’s a list of all contributions made by Dominion to statewide candidates since 2012.

The final block of registrations for the Ukrops Monument Avenue 10k is now open. Once these spots are filled the event will have reached its capacity and you’ll be out of luck (that is, if you’re the type of person simultaneously motivated to run six miles but not motivated enough to register for the race–you’re complex, I appreciate that).

Here’s the list of restaurants that opened (yay!) and closed (aw.) in February.

The Beatles’ exceptionally talented producer, George Martin, died last night.

After yesterday’s primaries, Clinton and Trump still lead–but Sanders did pick up a victory in Michigan. Keep in mind Michigan splits its delegates proportionally and gave 57 to Clinton and 65 to Sanders. The next big set of primaries will take place on March 15th. The New York Times, as always, has my preferred table of results.


  • #6 Hokies take on the #11 Seminoles tonight at 9:00 PM on ESPN 2. The winner will face #3 Miami tomorrow.

This morning’s longread

The Vast Bay Leaf Conspiracy

It’s like this article is reading my mind!

Chef Matty Bennett, of the Lower East Side’s The Lucky Bee, said: “People don’t realize the flavour they add. Stale bay leaves that sit in your cupboard for months aren’t gonna help you at all. If you can find fresh bay leaves that’s the way to go!”

Huh. Fresh bay leaves are the way to go where, I wonder. An empty place? A concrete room that you thought was empty until you notice a couple sharp pieces of scrap metal in the corner and then you think, wait a second–what kind of room is this?

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Tiger Striped Sky

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