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Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F, and today is YADLY, or Yet Another Day Like Yesterday: sunny, wonderful, and highs in the 80s. This evening a cold front rolls into town, which will bring with it some rain and lower temperatures for Saturday. Sunday’s looking great, and you may legitimately need to wear a sweater.

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Michael Paul Williams has a good editorial today about the sophomoric and thoughtless individuals who parade around Carytown armed to the teeth with rifles and handguns. This weekend they’ll be marching their weapons through Church Hill to Creighton Court. Here’s Williams: “Spitzer and his group should be capable of making a point without the benefit of a rifle barrel. Whatever lesson they’re trying to impart is getting lost amid the spectacle they’re creating, the disquiet they’re causing communities and, frankly, the risk they’re taking by parading around with unloaded but conspicuous weapons.”

The mayor’s group of businessmen appointed to find ways to fund the $35 million of desperately needed repairs to Richmond Public Schools facilities met yesterday. They talked about conventional means of funding and “ended on a note of some confusion about what comes next and who’s responsible for what.” The group will meet a total of three times (this was the second), unlike the Facilities Task Force which has been meeting since June.

Local folks who willingly went on The Daily Show as supporters of The Team From Washington’s name are surprised and angered that they “have been put on national TV and effectively portrayed as racist in a way that is absolutely unfair.” They’ve sued the show, which I hope responds with, “Lol.”

Basketball fans, it’s almost here! VCU men’s basketball practice start Monday, with the first game of the season on November 14th. We’ll be previewing the 2014-2015 season over the next couple of weeks, starting today with the (uber talented) freshman class.


  • Nats face the Giants today at 3:07 PM on Fox Sports 1 in their first postseason game.
  • Hokies travel to UNC at 12:30 PM and try to avoid a 0-2 start in the ACC.
  • Wahoos take on Pitt at 7:30 PM on ESPN3.

This morning’s longread

How I Mind Map

Here’s a super long meditation on the practice of mind mapping. If, like me, you feel like mind mapping might Be A Thing but don’t know where to start, this is a good jumping off point.

With a mind map, scattered thoughts begin to solidify before my eyes. A topic will inspire another topic, and I can start adding ideas and clarifying them as fast as I can think them. While I’m expanding one node, I’ll often randomly think of something related to the project but unrelated to the area on which I’m focusing, and I can just tack those on to other topics until I’m ready to focus on them. It’s a great way to remember everything that crosses my mind while I’m thinking about a project.

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