Good Morning, RVA: Friday…OF FEAR


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Good morning, RVA! It’s 54 °F, and Weather Underground tells me that today we can expect “plentiful sunshine.” It’s like an early, atmospheric Thanksgiving feast. Over the weekend, the sunshine and cooler weather should stick around, so make sure your Halloween costumes are many-layered.

Water cooler

That big huge library in the West End opens today. It’s good for Richmond to be very excited about the opening of something other than a grocery store. Check the full list of storytimes and events on their website.

Karri Peifer has a rundown of the Virginia ABC’s dollars and cents in 2015–it was a good year to be the slightly archaic government entity in charge of all the state’s alcohol! Until this year’s report pops up on their website, you can flip through the ABC’s 2014 annual report right here (PDF), which tells me that over $25 million in Jack Daniels was sold last year. I know some data nerds that cannot wait to get their hands on this year’s numbers.

Here is the best local news story of the week, via the RTD: “Powhatan residents heartbroken by loss of Lake Louise.” A lake has gone missing and no one knows where it went! Ahhh I love this story!

Lil Dicky, who is a real person that graduated from UR and totally has a song featuring Snoop Dog (NSFW), will perform in town tonight. This article in the Collegian has the best quote from a current Richmond senior about this evening’s show.

You guys, it would not be Halloween if you did not look at these photos from the Nightmare Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada. Oh man, if the missing lake story didn’t make your morning, this’ll do it.

If you still have yet to get your fill of Halloween, stop by our Halloween guide which is filled with many wonderful things and probably very few razor blades.

Oh, also, make sure you read some of these pieces over on Native Appropriations on why you should not wear racists costumes. It’s true! Do not do this!


  • Spiders host Albany at 3:30 PM.
  • Hokies head north to take on Boston College at 12:30 PM.
  • Hoos and the Bees of Georgia Tech face off in Charlottesville at 3:00 PM.
  • The World Series continues tonight at 8:07 PM, with games also on Saturday and Sunday.

This morning’s longread

Gift of the Mummy

Here’s what a mummy looks like on the inside–spooooooky / skeletal.

Four radiologists, each interested in different parts of the body, are scrutinizing the scans for clues into the mummies’ lives, medical conditions, and deaths. Their discoveries will add context to the St. Louis Art Museum’s Egypt collection, planned for a reinstallation in 2016.

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