Good Morning, RVA: Fantastic Friday!

Ha! Take that, this week!

Good morning, RVA! It’s 66 °F and Weather Underground tells me that today’s forecast is “nearly the same” as yesterday’s. I just don’t think that does the last 24 hours any justice.

If you were in a coma yesterday or you work long hours deep in the bowels of some terrible, windowless office building, today you can expect highs in the mid-80s, sunny sunshine until late afternoon, and a reasonable amount of humidity.

Water cooler

An audit prepared by Richmond Public Schools’ new chief of operations found that $35 million is needed “to address immediate operational and safety issues at 44 schools and other educational buildings across the city.” That’s $29 million more than the system has on hand. This looks bad, but it’s so much better than stumbling forward pretending everything’s OK with Richmond’s schools. Zachary Reid’s coverage of the situation is a must read.

You already know that Uber is now available in Richmond starting yesterday. But did you know that your first five rides through August 21st are free? Download the app now, people!

Last night President Obama authorized limited air strikes in Iraq should extremist activity threaten a US consulate in Irbil.

This weekend is chock full of festivals and things to do. Choose wisely or be crushed by some serious FOMO for the rest of your days.


This morning’s longread

10 questions about Nasa’s ‘impossible’ space drive answered

Last month NASA confirmed that a new means of propulsion, which no one understands, does indeed work. They’ve got a follow up explaining that this thing is pretty much magic.

None of these explanations has gone unchallenged by theoreticians, and it might be fair to say that there is no accepted explanation as to how a close system of resonating microwaves can produce a thrust. There is no accepted theoretical explanation of how high-temperature superconductors work either, but because the effect has been replicated so many times, nobody doubts that it happens.

The article also briefly covers how this impacts humanity’s ongoing quest for hoverboards.

Photo by: Michael Chronister

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