Good Morning, RVA: Excellent weekend, dead ahead

If the weather robots are to be trusted, prepare yourself for a fantastic weekend.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 60 °F, which, whoa, chilly. But that chill is short-lived as highs today kick back up into the upper-80s, possibly breaking into the 90s, and sunshine is the name of the game. Then, get ready for, like, four more days of exactly the same thing!

Water cooler

It’s here, you guys. It’s finally here! VCU’s new class of freshmen move into their dorms today and tomorrow, so expect traffic and no street parking near VCU’s Monroe Park campus. I love this time of year; it feels like the city’s alive again. Speaking of being alive, this does mean you need to be extra aware of students boldly stepping into oncoming traffic as they cross the street. Don’t want to flatten anyone their very first week of college!

And then, perhaps related (JK, definitely related), this from WRIC: “Firefighters called to Monroe Park apartments for pizza box on fire.

Yesterday, the mayor announced a series of public meetings to discuss plans for the Lumpkin’s Jail site (also known as the Devil’s Half Acre, for obvious reasons). Graham Moomaw has a few more details about the immediate plans and some reactions from our various councilfolk.

Henrico County Public schools voted yesterday to convert September 23rd from a half-day to a full-day holiday for students, citing “the threat of traffic complications from the Sept. 19-27 UCI Road World Championships bike race” (which you may know as the Big Bike Race™). Hmph, I am skeptical. You can see the road closures for the 23rd right here, which may alleviate some of your skepticism.

This letter to the editor in the RTD addressed to “you editorial sages and millennials” made me laugh. And then, as commanded by the final line, it did actually give me something to think about.

If you’re looking to do some things this weekend, here’s a list of five options and here’s a list of five more.


  • Squirrels finished up the series against Bowie with a 1-6 loss. They’re back home today, facing Altoona. Get your tickets here.
  • Kickers play Toronto FC II tomorrow at 3:00 PM.
  • After last night’s 1-3 loss, the Nats are on a three-game losing streak. They face the Giants again tonight at 10:15 PM.
  • D.C. United fell 1-3 to the NYC FC in Yankee Stadium.

This morning’s longread

Chronic Illness, Explained

Augh terrible, but thoughtful.

While growing accustomed to being sick, I have discovered that my body works like lightning, too: sensitive, sharp, talkative, and always demanding to be heard. Throughout my life, I’ve had my fair share of longstanding health issues: I’ve suffered from an ever-growing list of allergies, asthma, chronic sinusitis, Graves’ disease, arthritis, and, just to add into the mix for fun, some painful stomach and reproductive issues. When feeling ill is familiar, it can be tempting to retreat into one’s head and fixate on other things (like cookies!!!) in an attempt to escape the reality of the discomfort you’re experiencing. For years, I have spent most of my time focusing on everything that happens above my neck, like thinking and speaking, and less on physical movement and embodiment. Not everyone manages their illnesses this way, but it worked for me for years, until it (very painfully) didn’t.

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