Good Morning, RVA: Everyone is responsible

Students speak out at the school board meeting, and sad news from the zoo.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 56 °F, and today looks pretty good! But with highs in the upper 60s and spotty cloud cover throughout the day, we’re really just preparing ourselves for the first no-socks-or-sleeves Thursday in a while.

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Continuing #InvestInRPS, née #RPSWalkout, students from Open High School spoke out at last night’s school board meeting. Here’s Isabella Arias:

Whose fault is it that our schools are in such disrepair? Who has the power to save our schools? The mayor pointed to city council and the school board. City council pointed to the school board. And the school board pointed to city council and the mayor. But we have finally found our answer: everyone is responsible. We are all responsible for the failing of our schools. And we all have the power to save our schools. The Mayor and city council need to provide the accurate funding to help us fix our schools. The school board needs to accurately implement the funding. And the public needs to be aware of what’s going on.

Police are in the early stages of a homicide investigation–Richmond’s 17th homicide in 2014 and third in May. At approximately 4:00 PM yesterday afternoon, police were called to Victoria Jewelers at 306 E. Broad Street for the report of a person down. Officers arrived and found a male employee, in his late 20’s, inside the store dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

The governor’s out in the 757 today signing a law that removes the monthly service fee from E-ZPass, a fee which I had no idea existed. Drivers will save between six and 12 dollars per year.

JK JK on that new privately-funded plan for a ballpark on the Boulevard. The developers have withdrawn their proposal and wish “the mayor and his development team the best of luck.” The saga continues.

Hanna, one of the cheetah cubs at the Richmond Metro Zoo, died Sunday.

This morning’s longread

The End of Food

If you can’t be bothered to eat, but enjoy surviving, Soylent might be just what the doctor ordered. And by doctor I mean no doctors but some pretty dedicated amateur scientists.

Eventually, Rhinehart compiled a list of thirty-five nutrients required for survival. Then, instead of heading to the grocery store, he ordered them off the Internet–mostly in powder or pill form–and poured everything into a blender, with some water. The result, a slurry of chemicals, looked like gooey lemonade. Then, he told me, “I started living on it.” Rhinehart called his potion Soylent…

Photo by: Metro Richmond Zoo

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