Good Morning, RVA: Don’t be grumpy like the weather

Put on your best and sunniest disposition to combat today’s bleh outlook.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 73 °F, and yesterday’s grumpy, humid weather continues today. Clouds will fill the sky leading to some late afternoon rain that will either cut the humidity or turn the whole city into a pressure cooker turned up to high!

Water cooler

And another one bites the dust: City Finance Director Paul Jez has resigned. Katy Burnell Evans has more of the always-worsening details. Something about this whole situation just seems super toxic–it’s weird for the guy to retire just a couple weeks ahead of (supposedly) finalizing the (incredibly overdue) 2014 comprehensive annual financial report, right? I do not envy the next round of humans brought in to solve these seemingly unsolvable problems.

You can read this piece in the RTD about the General Assembly and redistricting and get frustrated that our elected officials sound like a bunch of embarrassing, whiny teenagers or you can, instead, use your time wisely and watch this 10-hour version of Nyan Cat.

This Style Weekly cover story about Trevor FitzGibbon is crazy! Richmond: Secret home to fascinating people.

WRIC is reporting a fatal shooting on the Northside. If deemed a homicide by Richmond Police it would be the city’s 22nd in 2015.

Remember the Ashley Madison hack? The site for people looking to have an affair? Well, looks like all of that data has been posted onto the deep and scary parts of the Internet. Evil nerds are hard at work parsing through the gigs and pulling out the names and emails of every person (notable or otherwise) who had an account. As is the way of the Internet in 2015, get ready for some lives to be ruined.

Yesterday, the FDA approved flibanserin, or “female viagra”, which is a misleading nickname since flibanserin treats libido and not a physical/mechanical issue. Anyway, if you were stoked on this news, perhaps temper your stokedness with a dash of realistic expectations from Vox.


  • Squirrels had their game postponed yesterday due to wet grounds, so they’ll double-header it up today against Binghamton starting at 5:35 PM.
  • Sometimes you lose six in a row, and sometimes the Nats beat the Rockies by nine, 15-6. Game two of the series begins tonight at 8:40 PM.

This morning’s longread

How statistics guided me through life, death and ‘The Price Is Right’

Finally, host Drew Carey announced the Kia’s actual price: $16,232. Amid audience cheers, he turned to me and smiled. “Congratulations, Elisa! You just won a new car! You are so lucky!”

Indeed, as I had learned two months earlier, I am exceptionally talented at hitting low probabilities. This episode of “The Price Is Right” was a special aimed at raising breast cancer awareness, and I had just been diagnosed, at 33, with a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer known as triple-negative. Would I survive, and how? Numbers, as usual, contained the answer. While they governed countless choices surrounding surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, they had also just won me a new car.

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