Good Morning, RVA: Dangerously cold

Yesterday was bad. Today may freeze your own blood. I ran out of coats.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 14 °F. While super dang cold, it’s a lot warmer than -5 °F which is where I thought we were headed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still freezing. Carrie Rose Pace from WTVR says today’s high of 20 °F is the lowest high for this date since 1903.

Here’s our list of closing, which I guess we’ll keep updating until the end of time.

Also, we’ve got a wind chill advisory in effect until Friday at 12:00 PM. Stupid-cold winds will push the temperatures dangerously below zero tonight, so be careful if your life insists you spend time outside!

Water cooler

A bunch of Richmond City School Board stuff happened yesterday which you should be aware of. First, the combined meeting between School Board and City Council to discuss the all-important facilities report was cancelled. Next, school officials announced that all teaching positions in core subjects (26 teachers) at MLK Middle School will be “reconstituted.” Basically, this means they will need to reapply if they want to continue working at MLK. From the previously linked article, it seems Dr. Bedden has the support of the School Board (including 6th District rep Shonda Harris-Muhammed) in taking this controversial and decisive step. Finally, School Board held an emergency, closed meeting to discuss a personnel issue involving Superintendent Bedden and Assistant Superintendent Tommy Kranz.

Looks like the pipe that burst in City Hall will not (despite the slightly misleading headline) have much of an impact on the machinations of our city’s government. Most affected: the Richmond Public Schools finance and payroll offices. Dudes cannot catch a break.

The James Beard foundation announced the nominees for this year’s Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic award. You can probably guess who made the list (but I’ll save you a click anyway): Lee Gregory from The Roosevelt, Dale Reitzer from Acacia, and Peter Chang from Peter Chang China Cafe.

Lol map jokes.


  • Spiders beat the Bonnie’s by double digits (a team that pulled out a last second win over VCU), 71-56.
  • #1 Randolph Macon topped Shenandoah 103-72 in their penultimate regular-season game.
  • Hokies crumbled against Miami, 52-76.
  • Caps host the Jets at 7:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

The Armstrong Purse: Flown Apollo 11 Lunar Artifacts

Neil Armstrong stole a bag of crap from the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and kept it in his closet! I think that is awesome.

This post is about something else however. A few weeks after we returned to Washington, D.C., I received an email from Carol Armstrong that she had located in one of Neil’s closets a white cloth bag filled with assorted small items that looked like they may have come from a spacecraft. She wanted to know if they were also of interest to the Museum. She provided the following photograph of the bag and the items spread out on her carpet.

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