Good Morning, RVA: Crummy crumbums

Today’s weather ranges from pretty crappy to potentially severe.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 61 °F, and man was it rainy this morning. Today finishes out a three-day stretch of cloudy, rainy weather with a bang: we’ve got the potential for severe thunderstorms, flooding, and high winds. Temperatures hit the upper-70s later this afternoon while we’re all inside hiding from the thunder and lightning.

The entire area is under a flash flood watch through late tonight.

Water cooler

This is your third warning about the massive bike race coming to Richmond this Friday through Sunday. If you live or work downtown, Friday’s race will impact your life. Don’t be a dope, plan ahead!

The Tobacco Company Club, the dancey and separately-ventilated portion of the Tobacco Company proper, has decided to go smoke-free. With no tobacco, I guess now it’s just a…company?

Richmond may buy the former ROC facility on the city’s Southside to use as a “new recreation facility and park.” While the asking price is $2.6 million, the “agreed-upon price” is $1.7 million.

West Enders rejoice! We’ve expanded our community news coverage and launched a new section on RVANews covering Short Pump, Innsbrook, Tuckahoe, UR, and everywhere in between.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life from any and all associations with the Clippers over the latter’s crazy and racist comments. Silver also said he would “urge the Board of Governors to exercise its authority to force a sale of the team.”

This morning’s longread

The desperate hustle as a way of life

This dystopian editorial offends my optimistic sentiments, but is worth it for the image caption.

Here is the future: nobody gets any job security. Nobody gets a fair wage while they have a job. Nobody gets a retirement fund or even any guarantee they’ll be able to eat tomorrow. And almost everyone is doing everything they can just to get by–and paying some substantial portion of their earnings to a pimp or “platform” which controls the business they are in.

Photo by: OneEighteen

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