Good Morning, RVA: Cool medals

A localish man is a hero in France, stocks did things, pandas did other things, and some teens don’t get why they shouldn’t joke about sexual violence. It’s Tuesday!

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 74°F, and it’ll most likely rain off and on today, with highs in the upper 80s. That’s good for your plants and gosh darn it, it’s good for America.

 Water cooler

Though this CNN rundown doesn’t mention that Michael Moogalian is from Midlothian (or lived there at some point), he is a hero for grabbing Ayoub El Khazzani’s gun on a French train last Friday. He was shot in the neck for his trouble, but remains stable and will get a Legion of Honor medal from France. Some other guys also helped in the counterattack and they also got some cool medals, but they aren’t from the Greater Richmond area, so you may go read about them at your leisure.

Whoa, Julianne Moore and Bruce Cohen are maybe getting things done for J.E.B. Stuart High in Fairfax. The two Hollywooders are circulating a petition to rename their high school alma mater. I’m circulating a petition to get them to come down here and do the same for J.E.B. Stuart Elementary. Suggestion: I. B. Neutral Elementary.

Aw, man, no Jumbotron in Monroe Park? What a bummer. But to all those who are sighing that the city spent a lot of money resurfacing sidewalks–it won’t be for naught. I predict that at some point, at some time, people shall walk along Monroe Park’s walks again! Perhaps when we have an enormous college all around it!

That ODU frat with those terrible “Drop your daughter off here” signs has been suspended, and some ODU students think “Oh come on, it’s just a joke!” Rape LOL!

I do not understand stocks at all, but this Vox roundup of info about the various fluctuations in the markets of both the U.S. and China was helpful. Bonus: it also contains info about the new baby pandas! Eeee!


  • Nats start a series tonight against the Padres. They’ll be at home, so now is the time to go up there and get in on some MLB action. The scores are actually starting to matter this time of year!
  • Squirrels began their run against the Harrisburg “Patriotic Belts” (another confusing logo) last night, losing by one run in a bangin’ final inning for the Belts. Tonight they’ll try to get it back.
  • Kickers and DC United both continue their rejuvenating cryogenic sleep until this weekend, when they explode out of hibernation and destroy their enemies.

 What to expect

  • Sam Davies dips his toe, the toe of his wife, and the tiny toes of his tiny children into the terrifying waters of family travel. He recommends doing a test run to an unintimidating place. Charlottesville was his target I mean destination.
  • How to be the best Big Bike Race™ spectator you can be!
  • The new cool spot to see and be seen is a little stretch of pavement between Great Shiplock Park and Rocketts Landing. 
  • A teacher goes back to school only to run up against some annoying communication problems. She has many thoughts, the prevailing thought being, “Let’s all love these kids a lot.”

 This morning’s longwatch


The Children’s Home Society of Virginia is doing some real work out there–and thank goodness somebody is, because Virginia’s rates of kids who age out of foster care without ever being adopted are abysmally low. Like, the lowest in the entire nation. This video (and do check out the shorter ones they’ve got on their YouTube page will go a long way towards dissolving whatever it is you think about foster kids and replacing it with facts. These are real children who become real adults, and the grownups in their lives have often failed to be awesome. That’s not exactly good for our future. Adopt some teens, guys!

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