Good Morning, RVA: Congratulations newlyweds!

Today looks pretty great, despite the possibly crappy weather.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 63 °F, and highs today could hit 80 °F. Ugh, what is this, summer? Double ugh as there’s a good chance for clouds and showers all day long.

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The big news from yesterday: same-sex marriage is finally legal in Virginia! It feels good for the Commonwealth to be on the front end of this shift rather than the back end, like we’ve been in the past. OutRVA has some good pictures from yesterday’s (happy) scene at the courthouse.

Ahead of next week’s meeting, City Council has decided to think about adopting a resolution to maybe accept proposals for possibly potential development on The Boulevard. Basically, a couple of folks (Councilmen Baliles and Agelasto) are looking to decouple development on the Boulevard from the mayor’s baseball stadium.

While we’re talking City Council, read this second piece by Graham Moomaw about the role Council would like in creating Richmond’s budget. The sad and worrisome assumption of the entire conversation is that the budget process is an adversarial one in which the mayor creates the budget in a vacuum without input from Council.

Richmond BizSense has the word that the owners of The National have sold to AEG Live, the same folks that own the LA Kings and the Staples Center, for just a fraction of the venue’s value.

I think, pending action from the Virginia Racing Commission, horse racing and off-track betting will cease in Virginia on November 1st. Here’s the release (PDF) which sounds pretty dire despite a few horse-racing puns.


  • Nats slayed the Giants, saving the season, 4-1. Game four begins tonight at 9:07 PM.
  • Washington is now 1-4 on the season after falling to the Seahawks, 27-17.

This morning’s longread

How We Can Tame Overlooked Wild Plants to Feed the World

Let’s all start eating weird, native foods!

Roughly 18,000 species of legumes grow around the world. They’re packed with protein and help fertilize the soil. Yet people have domesticated fewer than 50, and commonly eat only half that many. Cannon has assembled a short list of additional candidates: marama beans, yehub nuts, lupine, and a bunch of other so-called orphan crops, wild edible plants that could change the face of agriculture if someone could just turn them into reliable crops.

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