Good Morning, RVA: Congratulations to our new legislative overlords!

Yesterday there was voting, sure, but can we talk about these Twitter hearts?

Good morning, RVA! It’s 50 °F, and we’ve got another amazing day queued up. Despite the calendar clearly displaying November, today will treat us with highs in the mid-70s. Sure!

Water cooler

You did it, Virginia. You voted. The entire set of election results are available as are the results just from Richmond (don’t confuse the later for the statewide results!). The big story today will be former Richmond School Board member Glen Sturtevant taking the 10th Senate District seat which helped Republicans maintain control of the Senate. Here’s a recap from the RTD that reads almost exactly like a sports recap from The Big Game.

Tonight, the Department of Rail and Public Transportation wants to know about your–yes you!–public transportation needs. I’ll admit, the previous sentence sounds super boring, but! These folks are helping to put together a regional transportation plan–like, connecting the city to the counties to all points north. BRT, high speed rail, it’s all on the table! The meeting starts at 6:00 PM at the Main Street Train Station and is an open-house-style thing. You can just drop in, tell them your inner most transportation desires, and then head home. Slightly more information is available in this annoyingly PDFed press release.

Whoa, Style Weekly’s Ed Slipek has an intense piece about Union Seminary’s plan to build a big apartment complex on what’s been an open field for a while now. I don’t agree with his comparison to the (terrible) zoning changes on Chamberlayne, but a faceless apartment complex does not sound great.

Twitter switched from stars to hearts and I don’t know what to think about it! EMOTIONAL CRISIS.

What’s this?! Jon Stewart has signed a deal with HBO to produce short-form digital content?

This morning’s longread

Drake-ify Your Life

A think piece about Drake!!

Last night, I dreamt that Drake was my friend, and we were hanging out in a club, probably in the 6, probably sipping Santa Margherita pinot grigio, probably talking about heartbreak. Being around him was easy, as it is with someone you’ve known for years.

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