Good Morning, RVA: Cold weekend ahead

But that never stopped anybody…

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Good morning, RVA! It’s a chilly 46 °F this morning, and the theme for today is bright, windy, and cool. Sure, things will warm up a tad, with highs maybe reaching the low-60s, but it’s gonna be wear-a-dang-coat weather from here on out.

This weekend, we’ll see even colder temperatures but generally dry and sunny skies.

Water cooler

Hardywood will release this year’s Gingerbread Stout, or GBS if you’re one of the cool/snobby kids, this weekend. You can stand in line tonight at a special pre-release party, stand in line tomorrow at the regular release party, or call around to your favorite local beer vendors over the next couple of weeks checking their availability. One could argue that GBS, with its perfect Beer Advocate score, is what put Richmond’s beer scene on the map.

While we’re talking about it, here’s an interesting piece in City Paper about hunting for rare beers (“whales”)–including Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout.

What is this? Hail to Hardywood Friday? Check out this editorial in the RTD about the city’s ham-handed attempts to collect $50,000 of back taxes from the brewery. Here’s the mic drop: “This is all highly inconsistent, and the differential manner in which the city deals with different economic actors–exacerbated by political considerations and, perhaps, chummy relationships among city big shots–makes a mockery of equal treatment and simple fairness.” Boom, announymous RTD editorial writers, boom indeed.

Senator Mark Warner now leads challenger Ed Gillespie by 16,540 votes.

Microsoft released free versions of their office suite for iOS. They’re kind of limited but maybe perfect for when you’ve got a couple of Word docs lying around and no other way to get into them.


  • Hokies, thankfully, have a bye.
  • Wahoos hit the road and face #2 Florida State at 6:30 PM.
  • Rams host the California University of Pennsylvania Vulcans tonight, in an exhibition game, at 7:00 PM! Basketball is back!
  • Caps take on the Blackhawks tonight at 8:30 PM.
  • Washington, also thankfully, has a bye.

This morning’s longread

1999: The Last Great Year in Movies

Ummmmmm, maybe. It’s certainly a more compelling argument than I anticipated.

In 1999, we were at the cusp of a new millennium, and no other medium prognosticated what was to come more than movies. The rise of digital and the phasing out of film began around this period, making the penultimate year of the 20th century not only a revolutionary year in cinema, but also the last great year of movies, collectively, in the past 15 years.

This morning’s Instagram

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