Good Morning, RVA: Cold nights, warm days

Temperatures hit freezing last night for the first time in a while.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 33 °F, and that’s cold, dang cold. However, today will take its time and warm up to a pleasant 64 °F–about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. Sunny skies and none of that biting wind should make for a pleasant afternoon.

Water cooler

Last week Council voted 7-2 to give the CenterStage foundation $1.75 million, which they would then immediately give back, to cover an “unexpected” property tax bill. No big deal, because the mayor’s office said the City never expected tax revenue from the properties! Councilman Agelasto says nay! The RTD’s Graham Moomaw reports!

Election Day tomorrow! VOTE. Here’s what you need to know. Don’t forget, you’ll need to bring a photo ID. Also don’t forget that public school kids don’t go to school tomorrow.

Richmond police are investigating November’s first murder. Shortly before 10:00 PM Sunday evening, officers were called to the Clarion Hotel on the 3200 block of N. Boulevard for reports of a disturbance. In one of the rooms, they discovered the body of an adult female who had been shot. This is Richmond’s 39th homicide of 2014.


A depressing sports weekend across the Commonwealth.

  • Hokies continue their home losing streak, falling to Boston College, 31-33.
  • Wahoos lost to Georgia Tech, 35-10.
  • Washington couldn’t get it done against the Vikings, losing 26-29.
  • Caps now have a losing record after a loss to the Coyotes, 5-6.

This morning’s longread

Trent Reznor on Turning 50 ‘With Some Sense of Dread,’ the Future of Nine Inch Nails and a Top-Secret Apple Project

Here’s a really interesting interview with Trent Reznor that touches on his role at Apple, scoring films, and why the Grammys are dumb–a little something for everyone. Here he is talking about working with David Fincher to score Gone Girl:

I like the way the soundscape blurred the line between score and sound effects. We’ve been doing that on these Fincher films, working with Ren Klyce, who does all the sound design and mixing: “Hey, what if this piece morphed into that floor cleaner that you have outside? Tune us to fit that.” Just trying to make what we’re doing truly become in service to the picture and disappear. David is always saying, “I don’t want to notice the music come in.”

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