Good Morning, RVA: Cold, cloudy, and wet

I could envision a better start to the week.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 36 °F right now, and today’s projected high is only a few degrees warmer. Clouds will gather throughout the day, and rain will follow into the night. Warmer weather for the rest of the week begins tomorrow.

Water cooler

Rolling Stone has changed the wording of their apology regarding the UVA campus rape story, removing the sentence that blamed Jackie for their shoddy reporting and adding a ton of clarifying language. Here’s the diff between the original and what’s posted on their site now. They did this without note or comment.

If, for some crazy reason, you think campus rape is now totally not a thing, here are nine more stories about horribly mishandled cases of sexual assaults on college campuses.

A local high school football game got picked up on Deadspin this weekend for an insane / heartbreaking finish. A blocked field goal leads to a premature victory celebration followed by a crushing defeat. Augh, those poor kids.


Wow, rough sports weekend.

  • Rams pulled within four late against #7 UVA but couldn’t get it done and lost 57-74.
  • Spiders (prolate spheroid) fell to Coastal Carolina 15-36, ending their season.
  • Spiders (roundball) could only manage 46 points against JMU, losing 46-51.
  • Hokies (roundball) gave one away to Radford, 66-68.
  • Washington blanked by St. Louis, 0-24.
  • Caps downed the Devils, 4-1.
  • Hokies (prolate spheroid) will face Cincinnati in the Military Bowl on December 27th.

This morning’s longread

Rolling Stone’s Rape Story Fails Victims

A good breakdown of red flags and mistakes made in Rolling Stone’s UVA article and some of the real costs associated with those mistakes.

So now the next time a rape victim tells her story to a journalist, they will both be trying to reach an audience that remembers the problems with this article, and the Duke lacrosse case, and wonders if any of these stories are ever true. That inference will be grotesquely false, but it is the predictable result of accepting sensational stories without carefully checking. The greatest damage this article has done is not to journalism, or even to Rolling Stone. It is to the righteous fight for rape victims everywhere.

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