Good Morning, RVA: Cold and wet

It’s like that Prince song, but colder and way less interesting.

Photo by: Jonathan Kos-Read

Good morning, RVA! It’s 37 °F, and the chance of crappy weather today approaches 100%. Unfortunately, cold and rainy is the name of the game for the foreseeable future–until Christmas Eve, when it’s suddenly in the mid-60s. Careful on the roads this morning as rain + cold = slippery.

Water cooler

WTVR reports that the Richmond Police are investigating a homicide on Richmond’s Southside. This would be the city’s 41st homicide in 2014, the first since November 23rd.

The city will use a boatload of federal cash to increase the scope of the Virginia Preschool Initiative in the Richmond, offering more classes and decreasing class size. A bunch of RPS schools offer VPI programs that allow kids to experience Real School from within the safe confines of preschool.

Richmond BizSense has a nice Q&A with the two Ledbury Pauls after they celebrated their five-year business anniversary last week. Combined, the two Pauls own over 100 Ledbury shirts.

Did you know that Armstrong High School is named after a white, Hawaiian-born Civil War officer? I did not.

Merry Christmas! Here’s a police cruiser on your front porch! Luckily, no one was hurt–other than an ego or two, I’m sure.


  • Rams shot their way past Cincy, 68-46, and host the ETSU Buccaneers tonight at 7:00 PM.
  • Spiders edged Pepperdine, 65-63.
  • #5 Wahoos allowed only 27 points against Harvard! Just eight points in the first half off of one field goal! Insane.
  • Hokies squeaked past the Citadel and continue their tour of military-focused schools tonight against VMI at 7:00 PM.
  • Washington snapped their six-game losing streak with a 27-24 win over the Eagles.
  • Caps shut out the Devils, 4-0, face the Senators tonight.

This morning’s longread

Why James Cameron’s Aliens is the best movie about technology

Now I’ve got to double feature Alien and Aliens ASAP. Oh, also, this article is filled with spoilers–if you’ve somehow managed to avoid both of these insanely popular films.

That’s right, not Alien; Aliens, James Cameron’s 1986 sequel, which almost always manages to get left off of every shortlist of best sequels, let alone best science-fiction movies, or best technology movies. This despite the fact that it’s amazing. It’s fun, funny, scary, profound, and packs more excitement in any five minutes than 2001 gives you in any hour. 2001 and Blade Runner get pored over in high school and college classes year after year; Aliens gets shown on basic cable marathons. This has to change, and we have to change it.

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