Good Morning, RVA: Channel your flannel

I’m excited for all the layers I’m about to wear.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 48 °F, and hold onto your butts because temperatures are starting to fall. Highs today will creep into the 70s, and there should be enough sunshine to keep away any vampires, but make sure you grab your flannels and layer up…this weekend could see lows hovering around freezing!

Water cooler

RPS will consider some more “leveling” to bring student-teacher ratios in line across the district (they’re aiming for 19-1). Folks at John B. Cary, which is set to lose some teachers, are understandably very angry at the change in routine for their students a month into the school year. Folks at the schools that stand to benefit from more teachers, elementary schools where the student-teacher ratio is as high as 26-1, aren’t really mentioned. RPS has a lot of hard decisions to make so they can right the ship and then turn the ship around so it’s not headed straight into a city like in Speed 2: Cruise Control. These are some of those decisions. Further reading: this piece on leveling from back in June.

Martese Johnson wrote a powerful editorial for Vanity Fair about race, police, and his experience of being violently assaulted by ABC officers earlier this year at UVA.

I updated our chartsandgraphs about the Richmond Folk Festival–it had a crazy rebound in attendance this year! One thing I really enjoy about these numbers: the amount of volunteers has steadily increased over time, regardless of festival turnout. Great job Richmonders! Also, when your event is a massive outdoors music festival, weather plays a huge, stressful role.

It is my sacred football-fan duty to link you to this article in the RTD by Mike Ward about tailgating. With the Hokies and the Hoos having a rough go of it in recent years, making Saturdays more about eating and drinking with family and friends than the outcome of the game is bound to improve your fall weekends.

This morning’s longread

A Very Revealing Conversation With Rihanna

Souls are funny things. They stay constant even when the outside changes, or when the heart makes mistakes. Souls don’t really care about good or bad, right or wrong — they’re just true. Everlasting. It makes you sound dumb to talk about this stuff, which is why no one could tell me exactly what it was about Rihanna. But millions of fans don’t seem to need it explained to them. A soul just knows a soul. I never told you she was pretty because that’s not what I experienced. My understanding, from the moment she sat down, was that we were in love. We were the most in love any two people had ever been. The sun was finally setting. We’d been talking for almost two hours. I just had one more question.

By Miranda July, you guys! )) <> ((! Also, compare this piece to the Nicki Minaj interview from a couple days back, sooooo much better.

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woodstock love ? #RVA

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