Good Morning, RVA: Bustin’ makes me feel good

Great weather, great beer, and a great movie.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F, and today’s temperatures will slowly climb into the mid-70s by late afternoon. The sky may cloud up a bit, but the chances of rain are low, making it a perfectly respectable fall day!

Water cooler

The RTD’s Graham Moomaw breaks the news that “sources” say Richmond has succeeded in landing Stone Brewing Co.’s East Coast facility. Details are slim at this point, but it looks like the East End location near Fulton won out over the spot in Manchester. The Governor has a “major economic development announcement” scheduled for 2:00 PM today when we’ll, presumably, learn more details.

Police are reporting an apparent triple-murder suicide on the city’s Southside.

Earlier this year the Richmond Public Schools system agreed to take over the truancy program from the City. To do so they needed some money, a few radios, and 18 vehicles for truancy officers. They bought 10 vehicles and the City sent them eight unusable piece of crap cars. Read this piece from the RTD’s Zachary Reid while playing the Benny Hill theme song in the background.

We knew it was coming, but here’s the first official word I’ve seen that the Governor’s Holiday Hoops Classic is on hold. This was the quick basketball double-header which pit Virginia teams against each other. It was a great idea that needed expansion, not hiatus. Bummer.

Guys, I’m trying to play it cool, but Paul Feig and Katie Dippold are working on an all-female Ghostbusters film. Rather than deal with a world filled with ghosts and characters we all know and desperately love, Feig will just reboot the whole dang thing and start from scratch.

This morning’s longread

Why the Trolls Will Always Win

Here’s a first-hand look at what it’s like to be the focus of online harassment at the hands of a woman-hating, utterly insane troll. Unfortunately, this is regular life for a lot of women.

In 2007, I was the target of a several-week long escalating harassment campaign that culminated in my being doxxed (a word I didn’t even know then) with a long, detailed, explicit document, posted pretty much everyone on the internet (including multiple times to my own wikipedia entry). It was a sort of open letter with a sordid (but mostly fictional) account that included my past, my career, my family, and wrapped up with my (unfortunately NOT fictional) social security number, former home address and, worst of all — a call to action for people to send things to me. They did. I never returned to my blog, I cut out almost all speaking engagements, and rarely appeared anywhere in the tech world online or real world. Basically, that was it for me.

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