Good Morning, RVA: Bundle up!

Dang it’s cold out there.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 15 °F! Dang that is cold! Despite buckets of sun, today’s temperatures will not rise above freezing–which will make it challenging for you to rise from your bed and all those blankets.

Snowtastrophe watch: If it’s coming at all, it’s coming on Friday, and we’re still too far out for meteorologists to make a super solid forecast. I’ve see everything from “just rain” to “18 inches.”

Water cooler

Embarrassing behavior at the General Assembly continues! Earlier, Lt. Governor Northam declared he would begin all senate sessions on time, but Republican senators said the authority to set the schedule was theirs and theirs alone. So yesterday, when Northam kicked things off, zero Republicans were present opting instead to show up five minutes late. This is an idea I would have had and executed in high school.

I’m sure you saw yesterday’s rad MLK Google Doodle. Did you know the artist is a Richmonder and VCU grad? Richmond Magazine has the details.

East End Folks! You’ve got the opportunity to attend a couple of transportation-related public meetings tonight! First, you can hit up Councilwoman Newbille’s chat about Bus Rapid Transit at the Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton. Second, you can head over to the Church Hill Association meeting and learn about the 29th Street Bike-Walk Boulevard. Is there a better way to spend a Tuesday I ask with earnest excitement?

Police did confirm yesterday’s murder that a couple folks were reporting: Jerquell Cheatham, 21, was shot and killed at the Illusions night club on Midlothian Turnpike. This brings 2016’s murder total to four.

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs released a statement about the total lack of diversity in Oscar nominations for the second, embarrassing year in a row. She pledges quicker changes in the makeup of the Academy. We’ll see. Meanwhile, I had no idea that the Best Picture category uses instant runoff voting to determine a winner. Instant runoff can be better in a lot of ways for local elections, but maybe not great for art.


Mike Houston, former head coach of The Citadel (14-11), will take over at JMU.

  • Wahoos host Clemson at 8:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Palomares Anniversary: That Time the US Dropped 4 Nukes on Spain

On the morning of Jan. 17, 1966, an American B-52 bomber was flying a secret mission over Cold War Europe when it collided with a refueling tanker. Seven airmen involved, including all four members of the refueling tanker’s crew, were killed. But American officials feared much worse when they learned that the bomber’s payload, four B28 hydrogen bombs, had broken free in the collision and tumbled down towards the small Mediterranean beach town of Palomares, Spain.

Did you guys know about this?!

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