Good Morning, RVA: Bright and sunshiny day

A bit chilly this morning, but look forward to a bright and sunshiny day.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 42 °F and, according to Weather Underground, today’s forecast is nearly the same as yesterday’s. Expect a bright and shiny sun, temperatures in the upper 60s, and a strong desire to visit a patio (but don’t do it, you’ll shiver the whole time through!).

Water cooler

Richmond Police are reporting a double homicide on the city’s southside last night around 8:15 PM. Police arrived to find two victims shot in a parked vehicle. These are Richmond’s 11th and 12th murders of 2014.

The top three things that Richmonders care about are: snow, doughnuts, and grocery stores. Yesterday, Wegman’s announced that they will open two stores in the Richmond area which has a lot of people excited–people who live in deep Chesterfield and Short Pump, but, still, they’re people too.

The RTD’s “The Beer Guy” has a profile of two women, both named Becky, who head up brewing at two local breweries. Also of note: the recipes used at the corporate-ish Rock Bottom Restaurant will be entirely of a Becky’s design and not handed down from on high.

Beginning May 21st, Amazon Prime members can stream some HBO content without a subscription to HBO. Of course there are some provisos, ah, a couple of quid pro quo: Game of Thrones and True Detective are not included, and current shows will have limited episodes. But still! The Wire!

This morning’s longread

The landscape-scarring, energy-sucking, wildlife-killing reality of pot farming

And you thought growing marijuana was for earth-loving hippies–more like earth-hating entrepreneurs!

Gabriel won’t go near a known grow site before it’s been cleared by law enforcement, as Bear Camp has. Scattered across the hillside, his team finds 4,200 pounds of chemical fertilizer, five kinds of insecticide, and three kinds of rodenticide. The stash includes a restricted pesticide capable of killing humans in small doses. Gabriel’s friend and colleague Mark Higley dons a gas mask and seals the canister in a garbage bag. “If it does erupt, I want everyone to be at least 20 to 30 feet away,” Gabriel warns. “It’s aluminum phosphide, and when it hits the air, it turns into phosphine gas.” Breathing it can kill you

Photo by: rkramer62

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