Good Morning, RVA: Bikes, beers, and Lumpkin’s

Windy with a chance of sneezes, find your handkerchiefs.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F, and temperatures today return to the mid 70s where they belong. Expect some hearty wind and a bit of cloud cover throughout the day–if frisbee golf or sunbathing were on your agenda, you may need to call an audible. That is if you can stop sneezing for one second to speak. Pollen levels are super high.

Water cooler

Today at 11:00 AM, Governor McAuliffe, along with the folks from Sports Backers, will announced a “major new cycling event to promote increased bike and pedestrian infrastructure and statewide advocacy projects.” Man I love all the words in that sentence–it’s like he’s announcing a major new event just for me! More on this tomorrow, that is if we don’t all die of suspense between now and 11:00 AM.

The Governor sure is busy making announcements these days. Just yesterday he announced Deschutes Brewery out of Oregon will open an East Coast location in Roanoke. Remember almost a year ago when we thought another, non-Stone West Coast brewery was headed to Richmond? I bet that was this!

Progress is being made, I guess, on commemorating the Lumpkin’s Jail site. Ned Oliver reports that the consulting group in charge of the public feedback process says: “We are in a place where in 2016 there will be ground broken on the site for the creation of something…” Creation of what exactly? Well, no one is quite sure yet. You can read that group’s key findings report yourself (PDF) and catch up on some of the concerns folks have with the directions things are headed.

I really enjoyed this piece by Sam Davies about losing his job and his kids’ reaction to that. Kids, man, they’re resilient.

In last night’s primaries, which CNN called “Western Tuesday” because everything must have a name, Sanders and Cruz came out ahead but not enough to force any lead changes; PredictWise still has the odds of Trump winning the nomination at 80% and Clinton at 95%. You can see the full results and the schedule of future primaries over at the New York Times.

Speaker Paul Ryan (who, by the way, PredictWise has at 1% odds as the eventual Republican nominee) will give a speech at 11:00 AM today about the state of American politics.

This morning’s longread

Inside the elite, super-secret world of L.A.’s coolest girls on Facebook

What if your besties were a couple hundred people in a secret Facebook group? Turns out maybe that’s awesome?

Women in the group told me that it had helped them get jobs, informed them about politics and taught them how to be feminists. People talk about how to deal with being raped, cheated on or how to deal with their daughter being assaulted. During a recent medical emergency, one member posted that she needed help and hundreds of commenters rushed to assist her, online and off.

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