Good Morning, RVA: Beat the heat

I have no suggestions on how to beat the heat. Good luck.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s already 80 °F today, and the ultra-high temperatures continue. This afternoon, some storms could roll through, do their thing, and cut the heat a bit, but after that the five-day forecast is hot and dry as a bone. Set some reminders to water your plants.

Water cooler

Whoa big, big beer news, you guys! Hardywood will build a major expansion out in Goochland. It looks like they’ll be following the Blue Mountain / Barrel House model, where the smaller, downtown space will focus on speciality and experimental beers, while the Goochland space will serve as their main (and larger) production facility. The architectural drawings show a neat amphitheater and outdoor stage–West Creekers, your happy hours just got way better.

This piece in the RTD by Karri Peifer and Michael Phillips kind of puts a wet blanket on Washington’s Training Camp–more expensive parking, fewer food options, still not meeting revenue goals.

Quick, what’s Richmond’s official seal look like? What’s the date on the bottom and why is it there? Richmond Magazine’s Harry Kollatz Jr. walks us through the seal’s surprisingly confused history.

Vox has a rundown on the Hacking of Ashley Madison, which I needed to read because I had no idea what everyone was talking about.

Today is apparently National Junk Food Day, which sounds totally made up. While Googling confirms that July 21st is a day for…celebrating junk food, it won’t tell me how or why such a day exists. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s a covert marketing campaign from Big Oil (like, canola, not petrochemical). I’m just glad I now, finally, have a reason to link to these Cap’n Crunch Delights from Taco Bell–presumably for breakfast? Available in a 12 pack, y’all!


  • Squirrels picked up a 4-3 win over Akron last night. The series continues tonight, and tickets are available online as always.
  • Nats mangled the Mets, 7-2. They’ll look to remangle tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

Can meat actually be eco-friendly?

I had never thought about many of these things!

This idea, that meat is environmentally unfriendly, has been the conventional wisdom since 2006, when the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization published a report called Livestock’s Long Shadow. Which is why I was surprised when Frank Mitloehner, a UC-Davis animal science professor who is leading an update of the FAO’s livestock assessment, told me that the idea of eliminating animals from our food system was ridiculous and, actually, unsustainable.

This morning’s Instagram

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