Good Morning, RVA: Basketballs all the way down

College hoops continues this week, and Richmond’s weather looks spectacular.

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Good morning, RVA! It may be 37 °F now, but high of 74 °F today, you guys! That’s pretty darn close to Patio Beers weather. I’m always nervous about the first possible Patio Beers day–it usually involves me shivering down a beer and hurrying inside to warm up. But 74 °F is no joke!

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This past weekend was all about basketball, which you can relive through our 2015 Atlantic 10 Tournament Brick Bracket. This coming week continues to be all about basketball, as folks solidify their brackets, the NCAA tournament begins, and people pretend to get work done. If you dislike college basketball, your immediate past and future probably contains lots of eye rolling.

Last week, Richmond musician Matthew E. White released his new album, Fresh Blood. Tonight he guests on Letterman. Like, the Letterman!

I haven’t watched it (yet), but there’s a good chance your coworkers will be talking about The Jinx this morning.

WTVR is reporting Richmond’s third murder of 2015. A young woman was shot at a gas station on Jahnke Road Saturday night. By this time last year, the city had seen seven murders.


  • After losing three of their last four, VCU reeled off four straight wins to take home the 2015 Atlantic 10 championship with a 71-65 win over Dayton. The Rams drew a seven seed in the NCAA tournament and will face 10-seed Ohio State on Thursday at 4:40 PM on TNT.
  • The Wahoos were bounced early from the ACC tournament by UNC. They picked up a two seed in the NCAA tournament and will take on 15-seed Belmont on Friday at 3:10 PM on TruTV.
  • The Spiders didn’t make the NCAA tournament, but are a top-seeded team in the NIT. They’ll host St. Francis on Wednesday night.
  • Caps beat the Bruins 2-0. They’ll face the Sabres at 7:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

Raped on Campus? Don’t Trust Your College to Do the Right Thing

If you are a student and seek counseling at your college’s counseling center, your medical records are most likely not protected by the typical medical-privacy laws, otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Instead, they fall under the aegis of Ferpa, just as Oregon said. And compared with Hipaa, Ferpa is about as protective as cheesecloth

This is disturbing.

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