Good Morning, RVA: Baseball (in a James Earl Jones voice), coal ash, ramen, and the Supreme Court

Oh what a beautiful morning! Let’s see if rain ruins the whole thing.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 64 °F, and, like the next several days, there’s a chance of rain today. We’ll see temperatures reach the mid-70s late afternoon, which is when the clouds and possible rain will show up.

Water cooler

OK, I guess baseball is back! Or at least we’re back to constantly talking about what we should do with the aging baseball diamond on the Boulevard. After Monday’s presentation to City Council about the best use of that property (PDF here or audio here), the Mayor’s office sent out a press release with some new info. First–and too bad for all of the public feedback which said folks wanted to keep baseball on Boulevard–the City is now looking to find “a location for a new RVA ballpark, near the Diamond, but off the city-owned 60 acres bounded by the Boulevard and Hermitage Road.” Is that even how you use “RVA?” Anyway. Second, VCU is involved. This usually brings some forward momentum, for better or worse, to giant projects like this. Third, the City has extended the Flying Squirrels’ lease for another year. Fourth–and this goes back to what I said yesterday about the public having a major cow if their dollars were used to pay for a sports stadium–“a new ballpark would likely be funded primarily by the ballpark’s users.” I read that as VCU and the Squirrels providing the majority of the funding. Now we, the public, wait for 90 days while the City issues a request for qualifications.

The time has come for Dominion to release their treated coal ash waste water into the James River. John Ramsey at the RTD has a good run down of all the treatment and testing the water gets before making its way into the river. Apparently test results will be posted online, which sounds like a great data source from which to make a graph or two, but I couldn’t find exactly where those results will live. If you stumble across them, give me a holler!

Here’s something you never want to find in the ground, let alone hit a couple times with an axe.

Brandon Fox at Style Weekly makes me feel a little bit better about Shoryuken Ramen closing in a couple weeks with this sentence: “He’ll put Japanese fried chicken atop waffles scented with Chinese five-spice powder and drizzle them with spicy honey.”

Richmond Magazine’s R•Home has put together their reader favorites piece in a fun Instagrammy feature (PDF). I love the way this looks!

If you expected Patreon chats to dissipate as the week wore on, oh how wrong you were! And look, I’ve sneakily moved today’s plea for supporters up from the bottom, so as to catch you unawares. If you enjoy what we do at RVANews, consider clicking this link and becoming a patron. If you give at least $2 per month I will speak your name aloud in our daily content meeting–a thrilling honor indeed! Check out some of the other “rewards” at the previous link.

Insomnia sucks. For those of you that can’t just pass out on command, watch this video by local rapper DeCo on RVA Mag. He (sleepily) empathizes with you!

Ol’ former governor Bob McDonnell will get his day in court today, the SUPREME court. SCOTUSblog, as always, learns you good.

With yesterday’s big elections in the books, Clinton and Trump pulled even farther away from their opponents. PredictWise has Trump with his best odds of securing the nomination (83%) since the beginning of March. Full results on the New York Times.


  • Squirrels bested Bowie again last night, 6-4. They’ll go for the sweep tonight at 6:35 PM.
  • Nats lost to the Phils, 3-4. The next game in the series is tonight at 7:05 PM.

This morning’s longread

The Cheating Economy — Bright

Like Uber, but for cheating on your homework.

Like any properly disruptive enterprise, Studypool’s idea is compelling: Build a frictionless platform for the exchange of knowledge, allowing market forces to drive information where it’s needed faster and more reliably. People have answers, other people have questions – provide a place for them to link up. Werbe points out that the company’s ambition extends beyond providing answers to high school and college students. That’s just where the product first gained traction. It’s pretty obvious why this model would be appealing to students who cheat. Stuck with assignments you can’t or don’t want to do, just drop a couple bucks and, in minutes, get what you need from someone willing and able to complete it for you, on your terms and on your timeline.

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