Good Morning, RVA: Bank cafes, parking lots, podcasts, street art photos

It’s like the Great Dismal Swamp out there. Bleh.

Photo by: susan_d_p

Good morning, RVA! It’s 56 °F, and rainy. With any luck, the precipitation should clear up later this morning and shift to just plain dismal cloud cover. Later this evening the rain returns, possibly with some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. Gardens rejoice, I guess?

Water cooler

Carol Hazard at the RDT Leah Small at Style Weekly with the scoop that old Secco spot (and building behind it) in Carytown will be torn down to make way for a…Capital One bank-slash-coffee shop? A what? I…did not even know that those were a thing. Here’s the Foursquare page for one in Boston. It has a 8.2 rating? What a time to be alive.

The empty lot next to Richmond Centerstage will be developed into…a surface parking lot. A what? I…am very, very disappointed. While the lot is “temporary,” we all know how emotional some folks can get when you start taking away their parking. I’d love to know the over-under on how long this temporary surface parking lot–one that is adjacent to Broad Street and two blocks away from a planned BRT stop–will exist.

I think there’s a special City Council meeting today to talk through the budget some more. The meeting is on some of their budget calendars but missing from the all mighty Legistar. Council is required by state law to set the Richmond Public Schools budget by May 15th, so they’ve got just a couple weeks left to figure out how much (if any) they’re planning on giving to schools. If you’re curious about what these budget sessions are like, you can subscribe to The Boring Show, a podcast of all the audio from the City’s public meetings. It’s fascinating, but, truthfully, also boring.

Speaking of podcasts, here’s one that’s not boring at all: What’s the Plan? The most recent episode features Garet Prior from Richmond Forward talking about school funding, facilities, and budgets. Basically all of that stuff from the previous paragraph but in a totally-not-boring and super relatable way.

Keep your ears peeled (barf), Henrico County’s School Board will probably vote on a new name for Harry F. Byrd Middle School tonight.

These photos by Arshan Yazdan from the Street Art Fest are stunning.

Whoa, this recap of former Governor Bob McDonnell’s day at the Supreme Court is not encouraging. Encouraging for McDonnell, I guess, but not to folks who think elected officials should be held to at least some standard when it comes to corruption.

This is the penultimate time I will overtly encourage you to join us on Patreon this week–we’re 17% of the way towards our first goal, which is rad stat. Folks who give $5 per month can send in a longread that I’ll use in Good Morning, RVA. Note to patrons: please don’t pick longreads as sad as today’s. I’m not trying to cry every morning.


  • With a 3-6 loss yesterday, the Squirrels wrapped their series against Bowie. They’ll take the day off before returning home tomorrow.
  • Nats posted a second loss to the Philies, 0-3. That series finishes up today at 4:05 PM.
  • Caps face the Penguins in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight at 8:00 PM.

This morning’s longread

427: Ten years without Jen, twenty-six with

Augh, too many emotions.

I listen better to people who are in pain. I don’t judge people as swiftly or harshly as I used to, because I’ve made such a train wreck of so many professional and romantic situations that I know I’m the last person who should be noting other people’s failures. I try to make a point of being kind to people when they’ve royally messed up, and trying to ask what’s going on in their personal lives before offering criticism or a reprimand, because I’ve spent a fair amount of time being called on the carpet for my own mistakes without anybody considering that there were genuine extenuating circumstances, and I know how worthless that can make a person feel.

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