Good Morning, RVA: Anchors away

They say the endings of nightly news anchor careers always come in threes. Who’s next??

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 31 °F, and today’s looking a lot nicer than yesterday’s mess. Once we get there, this afternoon should be pretty nice with plenty of sun and highs in the mid-to-upper 40s. Until then, though, continue your bundling and layering routine.

Water cooler

Whoa dudes, how did I miss this bill (HB1814) that would slightly alter the required food-to-booze sales ratio for restaurants? As passed by the House, the current ratio of 80-20 would drop to 75-25. As introduced, the bill dramatically dropped the percentage of required food sales all the way down to 45%–which would have been a game changer. But amendments happened. Oh well, progress is progress, I guess.

Richmond School Board Rep Glen Sturtevant will join an already crowded race for state senate. You gotta wonder how much of his desire to run comes from just wanting to get the heck out of School Board Dodge.

Jon Stewart announced he’s leaving The Daily Show at some point this year–no word on his replacement yet. Meanwhile, NBC real-news anchor Brian Williams will be suspended for six months without pay for making up a story about surviving an attack on a helicopter. The Washington Post would like the two to switch jobs, which sounds like a step down the org chart for Stewart. Also, Vox has this great list of possible Jon Stewart replacements that only includes one white dude (but does not include Samantha Bee, for some reason).


George Wythe high school will forfeit their last two games due to a scheduling error. I’m bummed for the team, which had nothing to do with the scheduling violation, but now must suffer the consequences. Come on, adults!

This morning’s longread

I’m an Anti-Braker

This is a well-constructed example of the genre!

Guys, I wanted to let you know about a personal decision I recently made. I don’t really feel like discussing it, but I want to put my position out there. Please be respectful. This is a really long post, but please read the whole thing.

I’m taking the brakes off my car. This isn’t a rash decision, so please listen up.

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