Good Morning, RVA: An adorable morning

The best part of wakin’ up is this picture of five adorable baby cheetahs.

Photo by: Metro Richmond Zoo

Good morning, RVA! It’s 72 °F, and today is the autumnal equinox. This means that, from here on out, the days get shorter, the nights get longer the nights are longer than the days (see below or read this boring wikipedia article), and we start to complain about waking up hours before the sun rises.

Highs today will stay in the mid-70s, and the sun will shine down from a crystal clear sky. Don’t forget you sunglasses!

Water cooler

The Metro Richmond Zoo has announced the birth of five more cheetah cubs. If you’ve got a cheetah-shaped hole in your heart ever since the original set of adorable baby cheetahs grew up, get excited because cheetah cam is coming back this week. Here’s a video of the mama cheetah giving birth, which I have not watched because that kind of thing makes me fall down.

The VMFA will dip their toes into crowdfunding with a campaign to raise $40,000 to help 3D print a scale model of The Forbidden City. You can stop by the museum, which you should be doing on the regular anyway, and see the printers in action beginning September 24th.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. Jerry Seinfeld’s coming to town. Tickets on sale this Friday.

Headline of the day, from Kesha Likes Hot Local Musicians. More importantly, when did she stop being Ke$ha?!


  • Kickers were eliminated from the USL Pro tournament, 2-3, by the Harrisburg City Islanders. Thus ends the 2014 season.
  • Nats have won eight of the last ten, including all four games against the Marlins. They have the day off today.
  • Hokies lost another heartbreaker, falling to Georgia Tech, 24-27.
  • Wahoos couldn’t keep their streak against top-20 teams going and lost to #20 BYU 33-41.

This morning’s longread

Nine Inch Nails and Philip Glass Inspired My Mission Chinese Menu

You never know where the next bit of inspiration will come from…

I became really entranced by it. I know I was watching something visually, but it was obviously all about the sound. I spaced out and got all of these crazy ideas for new menu items for the new Mission Chinese, and how I can incorporate certain ingredients. I wish I’d had access to a little table lamp I could just turn on and take notes–like a dream log, where you want to write it all down before you forget. I know it sounds corny, but that part of my head, the part where I get food ideas from, is like that sensation of doors opening, like if someone was on psychedelic mushrooms–that holy shit feeling. It was just happening and rushing out of my brain.

This morning’s Instagram

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