Good Morning, RVA: A wet Thursday

Better than a wet and cold Thursday, though!

Photo by: Michael Chronister

Good morning, RVA! It’s 51 °F and it’s gonna rain. Highs will still be about ten degrees above average for this time of year, so it won’t be freezing and rainy. A confusing time to be a plant after the last couple of weeks, I’m sure.

Water cooler

The governor announces his budget today, and Graham Moomaw has a preview in the RTD. The big focus, at least from the governor’s office, is funding public schools. Keep an eye on the Virginia Department of Planning & Budget’s page if you’re the type of person that likes to comb through dozens of financial PDFs–perfect holiday reading!

State Senator Bill Carrico (R-Grayson) has introduced SB45 which removes the prohibition of Confederate flags on Virginia license plates. This bill has utterly no hope of passing and even if it did would be instantly vetoed by Governor McAullife. He also starts a sentence in this RTD article with “I’m not a racist, but…”, which is never a good sign. Unrelated to offensive flags: While I was poking around the legislation Senator Carrico has introduced, I found SB37, which would, I think, let people kill black vultures despite them not being game or a nuisance? It’d also prevent the state from devoting resources to protecting the black vulture. I am fascinated by this and must learn more.

Yesterday, the City’s Department of Public Utilities announced a 23.5% reduction in the Purchased Gas Cost. Sounds boring, but begining in January you could see a 10% drop in your utility bill. That’s a nontrivial amount of percents, especially if you assume the the temperature will eventually drop below 50 °F at some point this winter (possibly a bad assumption).

Style Weekly’s Brandon Fox reports that Early Bird Biscuit Co. will move from its charming, albeit remote, location on Lakeside. The new spot is a good one and will be larger, more convenient to most folks, but a lot further away from my house.

If you want to see X-wings, TIE fighters, and AT-ATs battle over the James River, RVA Mag has found the video for you. This is the video you were looking for.

These endorsement charts as predictors of who will win the GOP nomination are fascinating! We’re kind of swimming in uncharted waters here.

Oh, NBD, President Obama will be on the Bear Grylls show. Zzz. Let me know when he decides to be on an episode of Survivorman with Les Stroud.


  • Spiders (roundball) handled ODU, 77-61.

This morning’s longread

What’s a Species, Anyways?

What even is a species?! I feel like we should know this!

Since the red wolf was originally classified as an endangered species, biologists have studied it intensely–sequencing its DNA, scrutinizing its morphology, and piecing together its evolutionary history. And they’ve put forward a compelling new theory: The red wolf, an animal the U.S. government has spent decades and millions of dollars attempting to save from extinction, may not actually be a distinct species at all.

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