Good Morning, RVA: A weekend approaches!

Sports and weather: The very stuff of weekend life.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 53 °F, and today is the last time you’ll see a high in the 70s until probably this coming Wednesday. Cold weather and rain move in this weekend (luckily, the chance for snow has dissipated) but take a couple of days to move out and return us to our blissful spring weather.

Water cooler

I know sports is usually reserved for the subsection below, but it’s March Madness and today, at 1:30 PM, VCU plays in the NCAA Tournament for the sixth time in a row. This is a big, exciting deal! The Rams will take on Oregon State, and Aaron Williams tells you everything you need to know. Knock off of work, head out to your local sports establishment and watch the game with a bunch of your fellow Richmonders.

This MPW editorial about the Mayor Jones Church Sitch doesn’t really add anything new, but probably expresses how you feel: Bummed, dissapointed, eyeroll emoji.

Ol’ Doug Wilder will host a mayoral forum on April 6th, which is more than two full months before the candidate filing deadline. This bothers me, and I’m not into the former all-everything Governor declaring which announced or presumptive mayoral candidates are legitimate by inviting them to his forum. Why not wait until after the filing date has passed, and invite all the folks who took the time to get on the ballot?

Police arrested a man in Gilpin Court after reports of random gunfire and recovered five firearms in the process…including an assault rifle?! Just looking at that thing makes me want to vomit.

Well, hello! The RVA Street Art Fest–you know, the folks responsible for the wonderful art at the GRTC Bus Barn and down by the canal–returns after a quick hiatus. They’re headed to Manchester, near the Southern States grain silos, and Brent Baldwin at Style Weekly has the details.

If you’d like a picture of what an electricity crisis looks like, read this article about Venezuela. Due to a power shortage, all workers will have to take a five-day Easter weekend?! Infrastructure is boring, but, man, you really pay the price when it starts to fall apart (see D.C.’s metro shut down this week and San Fransisco’s BART honestly responding to customer complaints).

I can’t stop laughing at “slow flip cup.”


  • #10 Rams tip off against the #7 Beavers today at 1:30 PM on TNT!
  • #1 Wahoos handled Hampton, 81-45, and will face #9 Butler on Saturday at 7:10 PM.
  • #3 Hokies take on #2 BYU in the second round of the NIT tonight at 9:30 PM on ESPNU.

This morning’s longread

The Linguistic Appeal Of ‘Garbage Person,’ The Internet’s Favorite Insult

An academic look at calling someone a garbage person.

“If you’re calling someone a garbage person, then for some reason you felt like the previous insults that were available to you weren’t strong enough,” says McCulloch. (Suechting agrees-“a garbage person is so massively awful that, like Cthulhu or the bone structure of Ted Cruz’s face, all one can do is signify the impossibility of describing them,” he writes.) Run hard enough on the hyperbole treadmill, and you end up with the prenominal “garbage”-and “sewer,” and “dumpster,” and their many related accoutrements.

This morning’s Instagram

From the VCU art building #zainography

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