Good Morning, RVA: A terrific Tuesday

Great weather, democracy in process, restaurant week approaching.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 61 °F, and apart from a bit of cloudiness this morning, today’s another humdinger of a day. Get excited for highs in the upper-70s, little chance of rain, and a big chance of outdoor happy hours.

Water cooler

City Council met last night. While they continued my favorite agenda item (ORD. 2015-192, which would require every major city project to have an online home for project documents, studies, and information), they did pass a funding request for the 1st and 2nd Street buffered bike lanes (RES. 2015-R056). If the former item had passed, I’d know exactly where to find more information about the latter item.

As for the combined School Board and City Council meeting that also took place yesterday–of which I said all parties involved needed to make it their beeswax to attend–everyone was there! Kind of. The representative from the Mayor’s office had to leave halfway through, leaving some questions unanswered. Katy Burnell Evans has the frustrating recap.

It begins next week: Richmond’s 2015 Fall Restraunt Week. For an entire week you can head to one of over 30 restaurants in town; order from a three-course, fixed-price menu; and sit back secure in the knowledge that you helped support FeedMore by simply eating dinner (something so many in Virginia cannot do). Check out all one million menus here, and make your reservations now, as places tend to fill up quickly.

Today’s the final day to register to vote in November 3rd’s general election; you can do so online. We’ll be electing state delegates and senators.

Speaking of elections, tonight is the first televised Deomcratic debate featuring Webb, Sanders, Clinton, O’Malley, and Chafee. You can watch on CNN tonight at 8:30 PM.

Whoa, Playboy will stop publishing images of naked women–they’ll still “feature women in provocative poses,” though.

Aww you guys, Steve Spurrier, the Ol’ Ball Coach himself, is retiring effective immediately. I think that with this retirement, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer is now the fifth oldest active college football coach.

This morning’s longread

How School Shootings Spread

This is a terrifying piece by Malcolm Gladwell.

Finally, Granovetter’s model suggests that riots are sometimes more than spontaneous outbursts. If they evolve, it means they have depth and length and a history. Granovetter thought that the threshold hypothesis could be used to describe everything from elections to strikes, and even matters as prosaic as how people decide it’s time to leave a party. He was writing in 1978, long before teen-age boys made a habit of wandering through their high schools with assault rifles. But what if the way to explain the school-shooting epidemic is to go back and use the Granovetterian model–to think of it as a slow-motion, ever-evolving riot, in which each new participant’s action makes sense in reaction to and in combination with those who came before?

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The cobbles without the bikes #churchhill #libbiepark

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