Good Morning, RVA: A gorgeous weekend approaches!

A bit drizzly this morning, but you’re gonna love this weekend.

Good morning, RVA! It’s 62 °F this drizzly Friday morning which, because of Monday’s holiday, kinda feels like a Thursday. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying (which would be my catch phrase should I ever star in a buddy cop movie). Things will warm up and dry off after lunch as temperatures move into the low 70s.

This weekend looks magical: sunny, dry, and temperatures in the upper 70s.

Water cooler

11-year-old Tejas Muthusamy from Henrico was eliminated from the Scripps Spelling Bee last night, making him one of the country’s top eight spellers. Muthusamy failed to spell “hallenkirche” correctly–as does my iPad.

Today’s most unsettling headline: Henrico schools won’t serve milk today due to ‘potential problem’.

The Richmond Comedy Coalition kicks off the 2014 season of Battledecks, wherein contestants must give a (hilarious) presentation based on a deck of PowerPoint slides they’ve never seen before. Tonight features RVANews contributor Sam Davies! Tickets are just $10 and with a slogan like “Microsoft is about to get MicroHARD,” how can you refuse?

The New York Rangers clinched a spot in the 2014 Stanley Cup last night–that’s right, they’re still playing hockey! The LA Kings take on the Chicago Blackhawks tonight at 9:00 PM. The Kings lead the series 3-2.

Here’s a bummer of a read about the recently funded Reading Rainbow Kickstarter.

Got no plans, Stan? There’s plenty going on this weekend (apart from the Greek Festival and Broad Appétit)! Look no further than here, here, or here.

This morning’s longread

So You’re Not Desirable …

This is a fascinating read about what makes humans desirable to other humans. It turns out that, as people get to know one another, the importance of “classic” measures of desirability–attractiveness, charisma, and success–vanishes.

In a related study of approximately 350 heterosexual individuals, we collected these same measures in networks of opposite-sex friends, acquaintances and partners. Among these well-acquainted individuals, consensus on measures of mate value was nearly zero. These are the people who know what authors you like, what you wore for Halloween six years ago and what obscure movie you will quote the next time you all get together. But they cannot agree on your mate value. Over the years, it has evaporated before their eyes.


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