Good Morning, RVA: 30 degree drop

It’s like the temperature just mic dropped.

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Good morning, RVA! It’s 45 °F, and that’s pretty much today’s high. Temperatures will drop steadily, and there’s a decent chance of rain throughout the day. It’s yesterday’s evil weather twin.

Water cooler

Yesterday, Dr. Bill Bosher died. Growing up in Chesterfield County, I remember hearing Bosher’s name constantly from teachers and parents while he served as the county’s superintendent. Ryan Nobles has some reflections on his Facebook.

A former UR football player, who suffered multiple concussions before leaving the team, was found dead this weekend. Every week it gets harder for me to watch football. I can’t see the sport lasting through the end of my life–which, most likely, will not be cut short by serious injury to my brain–without serious changes.

As of yesterday, you can register for the 2015 Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k. It’ll cost you $30 until the end of the year, when prices begin to increase incrementally. Sign up now, and save some bucks.

Are tacky lights just a Richmond thing or are they a thing elsewhere in the country? Not that I give a hoot about places elsewhere, just wondering. has spent the, what I’m sure was incredibly annoying, time and effort to put together this giant list of tacky-light prospects for you to cruise by in a high-occupancy vehicle. For the somewhat technically inclined, Richmonder Casey Liss provides a quick bit of code to help you self-guide your own tacky light tour.

Don’t worry, you guys. The owners of two strip clubs, Club Rouge and Daddy Rabbits, “meant no disrespect” when they hosted a White Trash Night. I feel vaguely disrespected by just the name “Daddy Rabbits.”

Today’s best headline comes from WTVR: “No rose smelling at L.C. Bird.”


This morning’s longread

Poetic (In)justice: Column

This, the best byline ever written, should be enough to convince you: “Erik Nielson, assistant professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Richmond, is co-author of an amicus brief filed in Elonis v. U.S. Michael Render (aka Killer Mike), a rapper from Atlanta, released a new album, Run the Jewels 2, in October.”

Within the legal system, this view is becoming increasingly apparent. As recent research has revealed, rap lyrics have been introduced as evidence of a defendant’s criminal behavior in hundreds of cases nationwide, frequently leading to convictions that are based on prosecutors’ blatant mischaracterizations of the genre. Ignoring many of the elements that signal rap as form of artistic expression, such as rappers’ use of stage names or their frequent use of metaphor and hyperbole, prosecutors will present rap as literal autobiography. In effect, they ask jurors to suspend the distinction between author and narrator, reality and fiction, to secure guilty verdicts.

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