Good Evening, RVA: October 22nd, 2015

Today, we focused on pumpkins and other less rotund things.

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It was an annoyingly gorgeous day to work inside in RVA.

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Photo by: Dutch & Co.

So many food-related newsicles to share

But what you won’t be sharing is your food, because delicious dogs, stroopwafels, fries, shakes, beer, macarons, and wine can all fit into your belly if you try hard enough. Stephanie Ganz brings us this week’s Food News.

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Photo by: ecstaticist

The pumpkin on the vine, the pumpkin on the vine

Everybody else’s kid sings that song incessantly, right? No? Well, they might after they visit the area’s best pumpkin patches and hayrides. This is the rated G version, which promises to not wake your kid up in the middle of the night with terrifying memories of “teen with chainsaw chasing hayride in woods.” It’s more like “face-painting and autumnal light filtering through autumn leaves and possibly a bunch of apple cider doughnuts.”

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Five ways to get weird this weekend

Nosferatu at the Symphony! The undead! And the resurrection of both Restaurant Week as well as various VCU basketball alumni! On that note, you should also know that VCU basketball season unofficially begins with the Black & Gold game this weekend! Also scheduled: so much fall beauty that your head might explode with the sheer majesty of it all! Feel free to ignore all of these 5 things and get out there on Skyline Drive.

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A pumpkin of a different color

Teal pumpkins are meant to signify that a house is giving out non-food items, so as to make Halloween safe for kids with terrifying food allergies. BUT if you have kids and hate the idea of being socially pressured to give them candy (and are completely invulnerable to the fear that they will grow up and remember you as an overly strict parent–that’s what Big Sugar wants you to think, future adults!), you can also steer towards the teal pumpkins as a way to give your kids a bunch of tiny fun things that won’t make them into obese kids who say jerky things for the next week because their brains are addled with sugar and chemicals. What! We can be anti-candy if we want to be!

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Slack for iOS Upload

You GOATTA read this

Looking for a free goat? How about an adorable baby dwarf pygmy goat guy?

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Hardywood turns quadruple

Hardywood celebrates their fourth birthday this weekend with an insanely big quadruple-hopped imperial IPA. Beware all ye who drink here and hope to drive home! But if you are drinking and stuck there for a while, you might as well catch Gull (the one-man percussion and skull-mask-wearing musical machine) and the Photosynthesizers (featuring the melt-your-face-good Sam Reed on vocals).

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