Good Evening, RVA: December 14th, 2015

It’s raining cats and elves out there!

Photo by: Linda Fern Schmiel

It was a spring day in RVA.

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Photo by: ohad*

Hint: Do not Jessica Jones unsolicited advice-givers into a pulp

Amanda Gibson tells us all how to sift through all the financial advice you read, hear, and absorb via osmosis from the rich person sitting next to you on the train (JK, we don’t have a light rail because the rich people want to stay in their cars). Be careful at the part where she suggests ignoring advice, because that in itself is advice and you don’t want to get into a weird psychological tail spin. DO listen to the part where she says to keep your ears open all the time. And then tell us what you’ve learned.

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Ugh, just buy us all this stuff already

We would really, REALLY like some stationery with our portraits on it. And all the other things on the 2015 Gift Guide for that Person Who, Annoyingly, Has Everything, or as you can just call it, the “2015 Gift Guide for Oprah.”

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Potentially free coffee, shortbread, and jam!

You can give it away or keep it to yourself. No one will know! Except your conscience. Stupid consciences. Enter our Relay Foods giveaway for a holiday gift box!

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Fried chicken for FOR. EV. ER.

Fact: There are many, many food-related crowdfunded projects competing for your hard-earned dollars.

Fact: Fried chicken is awesome, but to have free fried chicken for life would come with both positives and negatives.

Fact: We could learn to deal with the negatives.

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Photo by: Marc Tomik

The City Council agenda, explained!

We took the highlights, stuck ’em together, and told you what you needed to know. Sometimes what you need to know is jokes! But mostly it’s facts in plain English, which is like the opposite of the Queen’s English. The peasant’s English?

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We can’t tell if we like this or hate this

Maybe you can help us decide?

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