Give your love Valentine’s Meat Juice

Sadly only in tee shirt form at this time.

You don’t really need to know much more than you can buy the awesome shirt above and support The Valentine for only around $20. Another $15 gets you a Valentine membership. We’d recommend hitting the online buttons to purchase by January 19th if you want one in time for Valentine’s Day.

Order Here.

It would probably be best if you knew the story behind the shirt if you plan to wear it in public. The facts are below and meat juice is involved.

The Valentine started with the collections of Mann S. Valentine II, who was born in 1824.

In 1870, Ann Maria, Mann’s wife, became very ill and could not eat anything. Mann created a health drink that was a mixture of egg whites and meat juice that helped her to get well. His elixir saved Ann Maria’s life and kept their love alive.

Mann decided to sell his new product and named it Valentine’s Meat Juice. It was a great success!
He used his new wealth to buy many works of art and interesting objects from long ago. In 1882, he even bought a beautiful old mansion – the Wickham House – to put them in because he had run out of room in his home. When Mann died in 1892, his sons and brother, well-known sculptor Edward V. Valentine, worked to turn his collections into a museum. The Valentine Museum opened in 1898.

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