June 9th Democratic Primary election results!

The results are in for the hotly contested Democratic primaries, the ones you voted for yesterday at the polls (we hope)!

Update #1 — June 10, 2015; 10:11 AM

Wondering who the heck won? Results below, winners in bold!

69th House of Delegates District

  • Betsy B. Carr — 2,897 votes (80.70%)
  • Preston T. Brown — 63 votes (19.3%)

74th House of Delegates District

  • Lamont Bagby — 5,148 (81.33%)
  • Leonidas B. Young, II — 761 (12.02%)
  • Stephen R. Adkins — 421 (6.65%)

10th State Senate District

  • Emily C. Francis — 3,482 (34.26%)
  • Alex B. McMurtrie, Jr. — 1,955 (19.24%)
  • Daniel A. Gecker — 4,725 (46.50%)

16th State Senate District

  • Rosalyn R. Dance — 4,849 (61.93%)
  • Joseph E. Preston — 2,981 (38.07%)

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Original — June 09, 2015

If you’re a Richmonder, you may live in a district that gets to vote this Tuesday! Exercise that old civic duty and celebrate your rights by voting in the Democratic Primary for the 10th and 16th State Senate districts and the 69th and 74th House of Delegates districts. No dice for those of you in the city limits trying to primary it up in a Republican way this go around.

“Winners” will be on the real-deal ballot, representing the Democratic Party, in November.

Not sure which district you’re in?

Gonna be out of town or otherwise unavailable?

You still have a little time to go apply in person for an absentee ballot (I know! I’m as shocked as you are!). Through Saturday, go to the Registrar’s Office at City Hall (Room 105) and state your case.

Forgot to register to vote?

Can’t help you there–as far as this election goes, anyway. The deadline was May 18th, but go ahead and do it online now so that you won’t have to worry about it in the fall.

Wondering who the heck to vote for?

69th House of Delegates District

74th House of Delegates District

10th State Senate District

16th State Senate District

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  1. marty on said:
  2. Lynn on said:

    Info from Wiki
    Leonidas Bernard “Lee” Young, II (born c. 1956) is an American Baptist minister who served on the Richmond, Virginia City Council from 1992 to 1999, when he was forced to resign for influence peddling. He served as the city’s mayor from 1994 to 1996.
    (sounds perfect!)

  3. Thank you for putting together this article. It is important for everyone who is eligible to vote to exercise that right. Providing unbiased candidate information is key to making an informed choice.

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