Don’t wait for a storm to damage your trees

Take action now to try to avoid or lessen storm damage later

A message from the Richmond Tree Stewards:

Summer thunderstorms often bring strong winds that damage trees, but you can take action now to try to avoid or lessen storm damage later.

Find out whether you have a potential problem. Contact a certified arborist to inspect your trees and recommend if work is needed. If you don’t already have a tree care company, you can find one at this link: Trees Are Good–Find an Arborist. The ‘Search by Location’ Feature at this International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) website lets you search for certified arborists by country, then state, city or by ZIP code. An easy-to-read grid will list arborist names, whom they work for, and their credentials.

When there is a storm… If fallen limbs are blocking a sidewalk or are in the street, call 311 in Richmond to report the problem. Be sure to have the street address or intersection so crews can find the location. Never get close to a downed wire after a storm. It may still be live, and electric current travels. Dominion Virginia Power recommends that you get no closer than 30 feet.

If you think a downed wire is a danger to you, your property or others, Dominion says call 911 immediately. Then alert Dominion at 1-866-366-4357 (1-866-DOM-HELP) and stay on the line until you speak with a representative to be sure they have your information. Dominion says its workers will assess all downed lines, even though not all may be power lines.

What if the worst happens after all your precautions and you lose a tree? Start planning now to replace it in the fall, which is the ideal time to plant in this area.  The  Trees recommended for urban Landscapes flyer is an excellent resource; and check out our website for lots of great information on this topic (…just scroll down to the Tree Selection, Planting & Care section at the bottom of any Tree Steward web page and browse away!)

Image: Richmond Tree Stewards

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