Dangerous time on local streets this weekend

Pedestrian hit and parked cars hit in separate incidents.

The streets of our neighborhood weren’t the safest this weekend as Facebook informs us of two events, one involving a drunk driver and the other a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk.

According to reports on Forest Hill Neighborhood Facebook a father with baby in stroller and two dogs were hit crossing Forest Hill with the light flashing around 6 on Saturday. It is mentioned that the driver stated he was blinded by the sun and couldn’t see the pedestrian. The good news is that we hear from Jennifer C. that the injuries were not serious.

The ongoing discussion shows that at large percentage of drivers tend to ignore the flashing lights and don’t yield. Personally I’ve watched in fright as someone came flying up on the back of my car after I had stopped for a pedestrian.

Also on Saturday but much earlier in the day around 8:40 AM in Forest Hill an allegedly intoxicated man in a Crown Vic decided to play pinball with his car and at least two parked cars on Reedy Ave. Before his car came to rest he did manage to scare quite a few neighbors as he drove around the neighborhood including 42nd, 43rd, and 46th. Once again we have Forest Hill Neighborhood Facebook to thank for the reports.

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Richard Hayes

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